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In the buzzing coffee industry, standing out takes more than just serving the perfect cup of joe. It requires innovation, smart management, and the pursuit of streamlining operations to create delightful customer experiences. Enter Joe Coffee, the brainchild of former baristas who truly understand the heartbeat of the coffee business. Their mission is simple yet profound: to make running a coffee shop less of a grind and more of a joy.

This dynamic company leverages the power of technology to help café owners focus on what really matters — crafting unforgettable experiences for coffee enthusiasts, all while fostering a nurturing environment for baristas. Whether it’s building world-class digital presences or designing personalized marketing campaigns, Joe is more than a tech partner; it’s a fellow traveler in the coffee shop journey, dedicating itself to fuel the growth and brand recognition of local cafes.

We believe running a coffee shop should be less of a grind and more of a joy.

The brief

When it came to enhancing point-of-sale experiences in various locations, Joe Coffee sought a dual-screen solution that would align with their innovative POS technology and foster an interactive, efficient, and sleek workflow at coffee counters. The idea was to find a system where baristas could effortlessly input orders while customers could have a transparent view of their transaction, and get easily enrolled into the rewarding joe loyalty program.

The hunt for the ideal partner led them to Bosstab, discovered through diligent Google research, standing tall with offerings that promised to seamlessly integrate with the needs and aesthetics of contemporary coffee shops.


“The flexibility of BossTab’s stand offerings has proven extremely valuable for us. No two coffee shops are the same, and joe technology is not only built to fit any barista workflow, but maximize it’s efficiency, and evolve with the coffee shop as it grows.”

Our solution

To meet the specific needs, Joe Coffee opted for the Universal Gemini Dual Sided stand from Bosstab, a product marrying functionality with style. The dual-screen system enabled a two-way interface, where baristas and customers could interact seamlessly, fostering a sense of transparency and engagement. Moreover, the Gemini stand brought flexibility to the fore, a much-needed trait given the diverse layouts of different coffee shops.

But the collaboration didn’t stop there. Bosstab’s Touch Evo and Touch Nexus stands became the go-to for setups requiring distinct tablet configurations. Working well with various cafe ambiences, matching up to the modern and sleek interiors with an eye on durability and keeping cables out of sight with integrated cable management.

The result

Implementing Bosstab stands into Joe Coffee’s strategy created a win-win scenario for both customers and baristas. Installing the Gemini Dual’s customer-facing screen encouraged over 30% of customers to join the joe Rewards program.

This integration eliminated the need for running orders between staff and created a seamless path for both in-person and mobile orders. This not only bolstered the bottom line for coffee shop owners but ushered in a delightful check-out experience for customers, enhancing overall satisfaction.

The takeaway

The partnership between Joe Coffee and Bosstab serves as a strong example of effective collaboration where technology successfully enhances functionality with a modern touch. This partnership goes beyond simplifying transactions; it aims to improve efficiency and create a welcoming environment that encourages customers to return.

So, if you’re planning to elevate your coffee business, considering the integration of innovative technology could be a smart move. Explore the collaborative solutions from Joe Coffee and Bosstab to give your venture a substantial boost, benefitting both coffee lovers and business owners.

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