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Nestled in the tranquil setting of Chinderah by the Tweed River, Cubby Bakehouse emerges as a local favorite. Known for its cozy ambiance and curated by the culinary expertise of GC foodies Ursula and Ben Watts, the bakery is a testament to their past ventures, where every dish tells a story.

The standout at Cubby is undeniably the French baguette, versatile and delicious, whether paired with brie and prosciutto or turned into rich French toast. And for dessert enthusiasts, the bakery offers an array of treats, including the rich salted caramel brownies and tangy lemon tarts. So, if you’re in the mood for flavors that resonate with authenticity and warmth, Cubby Bakehouse is your go-to spot.

Cubby Bakehouse
Cubby Bakehouse

Cubby Bakehouse: Chinderah’s cozy spot for curated baguettes and decadent desserts.

Welcome to Cubby.

Discover the local gem that is Cubby Bakehouse. Serving up fresh pastries, quality coffee and good times.

The brief

Now, a place as bustling as Cubby Bakehouse, with everyone from youngsters to old-timers stopping by, needed a POS hardware solution to keep their sales quick and smooth. Especially with a mix of daily visitors and weekend wanderers popping in, they wanted a system to ring up sales without a hitch.

Cubby Bakehouse
Cubby Bakehouse

Our solution

Cubby opted for the Elite Evo and Elite Wall Mount. These aren’t just any stands. They’re built for places just like Cubby – busy, lively, and always on the move. And the best part? They fit right in with the warm, inviting vibe of the bakehouse, making sure tech didn’t stick out like a sore thumb in their homely setting.

The result

With the new Elite Evo and Elite Wall Mount, things at Cubby Bakehouse started moving even smoother. These sturdy stands made sure the sales system was always at hand, ready to go, with the iPad securely locked into the Elite holder. No more worrying about the device falling or getting bumped in the hustle and bustle.

Cubby Bakehouse Stand
Cubby Bakehouse Tablet wall mount

The takeaway

With more and more cafes and restaurants turning to modern point of sale, the need for a reliable and aesthetically pleasing holder grows. Still using expensive and unreliable POS systems? Upgrade your setup with one of our POS hardware solutions combined with your chosen POS software today!

And hey, if you ever swing by Chinderah, drop into Cubby Bakehouse. Not only will you get a taste of some delicious baked goods, but you’ll also see the Elite range in action.

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