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Eclat isn’t just a physical space; it’s a philosophy that manifests through distinctive workspaces across three hubs – Bureau, Parlor & Galerie. These hubs offer a blend of warm communal workspaces, catered meeting rooms, and the privacy of bespoke office suites designed to redefine the coworking experience. Eclat is not just a workplace; it’s a community that blurs the lines between work and play, providing a workspace like no other.

Welcome To Eclat

Take a tour of the incredible space that is Eclat. Luxury offices and hospitality infused workspaces.

An evolved workspace that offers an innate sense of privacy, yet enables collaboration through its open hospitality spaces and connections that change the way we see the world around us.

The Brief

Eclat, known for its exceptional workspaces, sought an efficient conference and meeting room scheduling solution. The goal was to enhance collaboration and functionality within their innovative work environment, ensuring seamless coordination of events and meetings.

Our Solution

To meet Eclat’s needs, Bosstab offered the Touch Nexus wall mount – a universal solution designed for iPad or Android tablets. This product is both desktop and wall mountable, providing versatility to suit various tablet models. Bosstab’s solution aligned perfectly with Eclat’s vision, offering a sleek and functional touchpoint for conference room scheduling.

The Result

With the implementation of Bosstab’s Touch Nexus wall mounts, Eclat’s workspace now boasts a streamlined and modern look. The conference room scheduling software, accessible through Bosstab tablet stands, has transformed the space. The Touch Nexus wall mounts not only add a technological edge to the aesthetics but also enhance the functionality of the conference and meeting room scheduling process.

The Takeaway

Eclat’s integration of room scheduling software and Bosstab tablet stands demonstrates how workplaces can run more efficiently with the right tools. By implementing conference room scheduling solutions, other workplaces can streamline their operations, improve collaboration, and create a more organized and productive work environment. The key takeaway is the importance of adopting modern technologies to elevate the overall efficiency and functionality of a workspace.

Eclat continues to set new benchmarks in style, design, and technology. By embracing innovative solutions like Bosstab’s Touch Nexus wall mounts, they have enhanced the collaborative and functional aspects of their workspace, setting a precedent for other workplaces to follow suit. The intersection of technology and workspace design is paving the way for a new era of efficiency and productivity in the modern workplace.

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