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Say hello to Honeywell Sine! Honeywell Sine provides visitor management software across a range of industries. Their software allows for easier visitor management, from smoother check-ins to keeping track of contractors and staff, Honeywell Sine does it all!

Honeywell Sine’s software is the smarter way to manage your visitors- and it really does make for the best visitor experience! Easy front-desk management to check-in your guests, automated workflows to keep track of everything, COVID tracing, staff sign-in… these are just some of the features offered within Honeywell Sine’s software.

They are also serious about safety compliance. Safety compliance can be a headache, especially for larger businesses. How do you keep track of all those contractors, visitors and staff? The answer is Honeywell Sine.

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We thrive on helping the largest corporates through to the local school, around the world, find easier ways to streamline their workplace with paperless, secure and easy to use solutions that save time.

The brief

Honeywell Sine’s software needed a new home. After some internet searches back in 2018, Honeywell Sine came across Bosstab. They needed a tablet stand solution to offer their customers. Something sturdy, reliable and ergonomically designed. As Honeywell Sine provides their software for multiple industries, including, hospitality, education, construction, automotive and government, they needed something that would fit into each business’s aesthetic. A true crowd-pleaser.

Honeywell Sine also needed a great customer support team who could help out if they ran into any issues.

Our solution

Honeywell Sine opted to go with three Bosstab products, the Elite Evo Freestanding, the Elite Fixed Wallmount and Elite Evo Floorstand. These products have been a game changer for not just Honeywell Sine, but for their clients.

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The result

Over the years of Honeywell Sine’s partnership with Bosstab, Bosstab has quickly become the preferred supplier. Although they loved the Bosstab products (and their customers did too!) the customer service was really what won them over. Bosstab’s customer service team has been by Honeywell Sine’s side and has gone above and beyond to keep everything running smoothly. Ample stock availability and quick delivery times have enabled Honeywell Sine to provide their customers with unparalleled service, every single time.

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The takeaway

We’ve loved working alongside and supplying Honeywell Sine with the hardware they need to house their software. They’re helping to create better businesses and the work they do is so important. And like Bosstab, they’re always pushing forward. They’ve got some awesome new features  coming out soon which we think you’re going to love. We’re excited to continue to partner with Honeywell Sine and help them get their software into the hands of more business owners.

If you’re looking for a great visitor management software, Honeywell Sine offers a free demo of their software. Check it out!

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