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Walking into Glenelg Public House you immediately feel their passion for food and good wine. Their restaurant, in the heart of Mermaid Beach, is where people come to experience local produce, the way it’s meant to be. In our humble opinion, it’s the go-to spot for good food in the area. Glenelg Public House believes in an honest, high-quality dining experience which is reflected in everything from their food to their customer service. Selecting only the best produce, with minimal interruption from paddock to plate, their dishes are a true culinary experience. Specialising in high-quality steaks, wines, and beers, they strive for food, without the fuss. In the words of their owner, “Just honest product we can’t hide behind”.

With such a passion for creating the best dining experience, they needed the best POS system and tablet stands to go with it.

The Glenelg Public House

Honest product we can’t hide behind

Take a closer look inside The Glenelg Public House.

The brief

Out with the old and in with the new, Glenelg Public House needed to revamp their system. They’d used iPads and other systems in the past, but they just weren’t built to last. And as their business grew and their clientele increased, their old tablet stands just couldn’t keep up with the lunch rush.

They needed a new solution. And they needed that solution to be versitile, sturdy, and keep up with their busy restaurant. With several POS systems in various locations around their venue, they needed a smooth solution that would link seamlessly.

The Glenelg Public House Touch Evo Tablet Stand
The Glenelg Public House Touch Evo Tablet Stand

Our solution

We found the Touch Evo Freestanding in black was the perfect option for Glenelg Public House. This stand is incredibly sturdy and works well within the aesthetics of their restaurant environment. We knew how important it was to Glenelg Public House that their solution was built to last, and that’s exactly what we delivered on.

The Glenelg Public House Touch Evo Tablet Stand

The result

After transitioning to their new Bosstab system, Glenelg Public House now has a POS system and stands which can keep up with their busy venue. A secure universal solution, designed to work with any tablet. The Touch’s universal adhesive solution attaches to the rear of any tablet making it the most versatile product in the market.

It’s a solution that has meant that Glenelg Public House can focus on what they do best- without having to worry about their POS system trying to catch up.

The Glenelg Public House Touch Evo Tablet Stand
The Glenelg Public House Touch Evo Tablet Stand

The takeaway

A reliable tablet stand in a busy restaurant can mean the difference between good service and great service. Bosstab is there to make hospitality businesses run smoother and integrate seamlessly into the processes you already have in place.

Oh, and if you happen to be in Mermaid Beach for your next holiday, we can’t recommend them enough.

Good steak. Good food. Good wine. What’s not to love?

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