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Timecloud has long had a reputation for staff rostering and time and attendance monitoring, but as part of their suite of business tools, they also offer dedicated visitor management.

This visitor management software can tie in with their other software or operate independently and provides a range of features that allow organizations to manage visitor and contractor sign-in.


  • Visitor check-in
  • Pre-registration
  • Customized questions and visitor screening
  • Custom branding
  • Multiple locations
  • Badge printing and photo identification
  • Contact tracing
  • Reporting and analytics

Who can use it?

Timecloud is suited to a variety of industries and businesses of different sizes.

Industries the software currently services include construction, manufacturing, hospitality, healthcare, logistics, corporate, retail, and education.

How it works

Timecloud offers visitors the opportunity to sign into a venue using an iPad Kiosk or on their own device using printed or kiosk based QR codes.

During sign-in, the guest can be asked a series of questions or sign any required documentation prior to being granted entry.

A host at the organization is then notified of the visitor’s arrival via email or SMS.

Administrators can access visitor data in real time, or produce and export historic reports about who was on-site when.

Visitor check-in

Timecloud allows visitors to check in via a series of methods, including iPad kiosk and QR-code.

iPad kiosk – The iPad kiosk sees guests check-in manually by pushing the sign-in button on the welcome page and entering their details on the iPad touchscreen.

QR code – The kiosk can also be set up to display a QR-code, which guests can scan on their mobile phone. This leads them to a designated sign-in webpage where they can enter their details on their own device.

There is also the further option of printing out QR-codes and positioning them at the entrance to a site, so the guest can sign-in using their own smart phone.

Repeat visitors

The details of guests can be stored in the system for two, four or six weeks. This makes sign-in easier for repeat visitors. Once they enter their name into the system, the software then generates their details from their previous visit.

Visitor categories

Administrators can segregate all visitors based on multiple custom categories, including client, employee, and contractors.

This can then trigger specific information or questions depending on the visitor type.

Notifications and alerts

When a visitor arrives on-site, the system can be set up to automatically notify the host via text or email.

Email alerts can also be generated when a visitor fails to have the right documentation or does not meet the requirements of a health and safety questionnaire.

Administrators can also create custom instruction messages for these visitors to help them mitigate risks while on site.


Timecloud allows the visitor management interface to be customized to a specific organization. This customized branding appears on the iPad kiosk, while a logo is also generated on the web application where people sign-in using QR-code and their mobile phone.

questions and documentation

The questions asked of guests as they sign in can also be customized to an organization’s needs. Typical information requested includes visitor’s name, purpose of visit, and who they are here to see.

The software can then also be set up to generate disclaimers, non-disclosure documents and health and safety information that the visitor needs to acknowledge prior to gaining entry.

Pre-screening and registration

Timecloud allows guests to pre-register with an organization. An email or text is sent to the prospective visitor with the link to the sign-in software.

They can then fill in any details, answer any required questions or view any documents before attending the site.

When they arrive, their details are in the system and all they need to do is scan the QR-code or access the sign-in kiosk and enter their name to generate their details.

Contactless check-in

Timecloud offers two methods for visitors to complete contactless check-in using QR codes.

The code can either be visible on the welcome screen of the iPad kiosk, or it can be physically printed and positioned around a site.

Guests simply scan the code on their mobile phone and are directed to a branded web page where they can complete the sign-in process using their own device.

Badge printing and photo ID

The iPad kiosk can be connected to a compatible badge printer to allow for customized badge printing. It also has the ability to capture images so organizations can create photo ID badges.

Multiple locations

Multiple locations can also be managed from one central dashboard, with each site given unique site codes, addresses and unique QR check-in codes.

Contact tracing

Timecloud notes their live visitor dashboards allow an organization to identify, in real-time, everyone who is in the workplace.

Precise visitor reports can be run to manage an evacuation or to facilitate reliable COVID-19 contact tracing.


The web-based dashboard is the central location where administrators can set up their Timecloud visitor management system, including specifying guest types, creating custom questionnaires and applying any branding.

Multiple locations can be managed from one single dashboard, with customized set-up applied to each location.

The dashboard is also where reporting and analytics are found.

Reporting and analytics

Timecloud generates both real-time and historic reports about who is on-site at what time for what purpose.

Hardware and Software requirements

Timecloud is a web-based application that runs across all operating systems.

When it comes setting up an iPad kiosk, an iPad is required, and a stand is recommended. You can view Bosstab’s range of compatible stands here.

Meanwhile, a compatible printer would also be needed to print out any identification badges.


Timecloud integrates with a series of commonly used business software, including accounting software such as Xero, QuickBooks and MYOB, customer relationship management platforms such as SalesForce, along with payroll software like Gusto, Smartly, PayHero and more.

Their full list of integrations is available here.

Customer Support

Timecloud notes they provide a full-service model and if help is required, they are ‘just a call away’.

They provide support throughout the setup process, customising the solution to work best for specific workflows.

They also offer a suite of resources on their website, including blogs, frequently asked questions, and an automated help assistant.

Help is also available over the phone and via email, with dedicated phone numbers in the US, Australia, and New Zealand.


Timecloud is the ultimate solution for businesses looking to streamline their visitor management process. With Timecloud, you can easily check-in guests, schedule appointments, and even customize your check-in forms to meet the unique needs of your business. Plus, Timecloud’s real-time visitor tracking feature ensures that you always know who’s on your premises and when.

But Timecloud isn’t just about managing visitors – it’s also a powerful tool for security. With features like photo ID verification and digital signature capture, Timecloud ensures that your office is always secure. And with Timecloud’s mobile app, you can manage your visitors from anywhere, at any time.

Upgrade your front desk operations with Timecloud. It’s a game-changer for any business looking to streamline their check-in process and keep their office secure. Give it a try today and see the difference it can make for your business. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

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