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An intro to iLobby

Founded with the vision to elevate office security and improve visitor experiences, iLobby has emerged as a prominent player in visitor management solutions. The software offers features like photo capturing, real-time notifications, and customizable workflows. The blend of these features ensures an optimized and secure environment for businesses and their guests.

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Who Can Use It?

iLobby is versatile, catering to various industries. Whether you’re running a multinational corporation, a healthcare facility, an educational institution, or a small startup, iLobby molds itself to fit your needs. Industries emphasizing security, compliance, or seamless visitor experiences can significantly benefit from integrating this visitor management system into their daily operations.

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How it Works

iLobby can operate on a wide range of devices. The recommended setup includes an iPad, a printer for visitor badges, and a scanner for ID verification.

Visitors can sign in through a quick manual entry or by scanning their ID. Post sign-in, the software captures their photo, prints a badge, and notifies the respective employee of the visitor’s arrival. Integration with existing employee databases ensures prompt and correct host notifications.

Benefits of a visitor management system

An integrated visitor management system is crucial to maintaining the efficiency of your facility. Check out this video to find out some of the benefits of implementing a visitor management system.


Pre-Registration of Visitors
Companies can pre-register guests, which expedites the check-in process and provides a personalized welcome. This is particularly beneficial for scheduled meetings or events.

Compliance and Document Signing
iLobby aids in ensuring compliance by facilitating document signing during check-in. Whether it’s an NDA or a safety protocol, visitors can review and sign electronically.

Multi-Language Support
Catering to a global audience, iLobby offers support for multiple languages, ensuring that the user interface is familiar and intuitive for international visitors.

Monitor visitors through Watchlists
Build and maintain your own watchlist or link to an external third-party list and use it to monitor for specific individuals. Approve entry based on a predefined list for authorized access to the facility.

Overview of Reporting and Analytics
Data-driven decisions are pivotal for businesses, and iLobby recognizes this. The software provides robust reporting and analytics, allowing companies to track visitor trends, frequency, and even duration of visits. Such insights can influence security protocols, staffing decisions, and even facility management.

Hardware and Software Requirements

While iLobby is versatile, the optimal experience is achieved using an iPad or tablet with a stable internet connection, paired with a badge printer and ID scanner. The software is cloud-based, ensuring easy scalability and remote access.


iLobby doesn’t operate in isolation. It seamlessly integrates with various platforms and tools like Microsoft Outlook for meeting synchronizations, Active Directory for employee database syncing, and other popular tools that businesses use daily.

iLobby visitor management integrations

Customer Support

iLobby takes pride in its proactive customer support. Whether it’s onboarding, troubleshooting, or seeking best practices, the iLobby support team ensures that clients can extract maximum value from the software.


The digital transformation wave is reshaping business operations, and visitor management is no exception. iLobby stands out with its focus on security, efficiency, and user experience. From sign-in to sign-out, every touchpoint is crafted with precision and purpose. Whether you’re aiming to improve security, compliance, or merely elevate visitor experiences, iLobby has got you covered.

Eager to transform your reception area and take visitor management to the next level? Dive deeper into iLobby Visitor Management, and discover a world of seamless, secure, and sophisticated solutions tailor-made for your business.

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