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SwipedOn Visitor Management

SwipedOn is a cloud-based workplace and visitor management system that currently supports more than 35 million visitor and employee movements, in over 70 countries worldwide.

Designed for iPads, it allows an organization to create a branded visitor and employee management system where staff and guests can sign-in and out.

The software features ID badge printing, contactless sign-in capability via QR codes, email and SMS notifications.

Meanwhile, it also screens guests and staff members by offering safety questionnaires and document signing prior to a guest being granted entry.

The iPad-based system is available with an accompanying SwipedOn pocket app for mobile phones, which allows employees to tap in and tap out.


  • Contactless sign-in
  • Visitor screening
  • Employee screening and management
  • Photo capture
  • Document signing and questionnaires
  • Printed ID badges
  • Digital employee in/out board
  • Evacuation management

Who can use it?

The SwipedOn visitor management system is designed to suit a range of industries including Transport and logistics, not-for-profit organizations, education, aged care and health, building and construction, manufacturing, retail, hospitality, energy and utilities, co-working spaces, finance and government, sporting and leisure organizations, tourism, and more.

How it works

Primarily designed as an iPad-based visitor management system, SwipedOn allows an organization to create an efficient visitor and employee sign-in experience where guests and staff can quickly register their attendance at a workplace.

The software is managed through a dashboard and can then be used in multiple locations with the data available in real-time.

Guests can sign-in on the iPad or scan a QR code then sign-in via their smart phone and default browser.

The system can be set up to ensure visitors answer any relevant questions or sign any documents in order to be granted entry, with the intended host or site manager notified of their arrival.

In addition, SwipedOn can be set up to print out ID badges.

When it comes to employee management, there is also a SwipedOn Pocket app available for Android and iOS smart phones.

This allows the staff member to tap in and tap out at the iPad kiosk.

Contactless sign-in

The contactless sign-in feature is designed to provide a hygienic, touch free way to register people entering the workplace.

Visitors scan a QR code displayed on the iPad and sign in using their own mobile device and their default browser.

Using the dedicated smartphone app, SwipedOn Pocket, employees can also sign in using their smartphone.

There is also the further option for the organization to simply print the SwipedOn generated QR code, which guests and employees can then scan to register their attendance at a site.

Visitor flow

To manage visitors and staff, SwipedOn allows the organisation to create specific visitor fields and categories.

It also offers the ability to capture photographs for added security, or for the guest to sign digital documents, such as a non-disclosure agreement, before they enter.

Guests can select a host, and the system can be set up to automatically notify the host or a series of people about a guest’s arrival via email or text.

Visitor screening

Visitor screening allows workplaces to ask their guests questions before they are granted entry to a site.

Primarily designed to screen people for risk of Covid-19 infection, the feature enables workplaces to ask a series of yes/no questions of up to 100 characters.

They can then set the answers to these questions to trigger an alert, which is emailed and/or texted to up to three contacts within the organisation.

The feature also allows the host organisation to make the guest wait for approval (regardless of which answer they choose) before being granted entry.

Employee screening and management

In addition to visitor screening, the software facilitates employee screening where it can ask a series of yes/no questions before an employee is granted entry.

This assists with the management of Covid, and also enables the organisation to track who exactly is on site at any given time, effectively allowing the software to act as a digital in/out board for employees.

Meanwhile, SwipedOn also offers time tracking and reporting, so an organisation can reconcile which staff were in attendance on site, when.

SwipedOn Pocket

SwipedOn Pocket is a smartphone app designed for the employees of an organization.

It enables employees to sign in touch-free using their own device, answer employee screening questions and set custom status messages and return times on sign out.

SwipedOn Pocket also offers location verified employee sign in.

Employees have the option to add custom status and return time upon sign-out, enabling the system to be used as a virtual in and out board.

SwipedOn notes employee movements are all logged and time stamped in the web dashboard, giving an organization full oversight of who is in a workplace at any time.

Digital agreements

SwipedOn allows for the guest to sign any relevant digital agreements before being granted entry. These might include workplace health and safety documents or confidentiality agreements.

These documents can be created as a plain text document or a branded PDF. The guest simply signs the iPad and signature details are then stored securely.

Evacuation management

SwipedOn ensures an organization knows who is on site at all times.

In the event of an emergency, the relevant safety staff member can access this information via the Cloud, on their iPad or using the SwipedOn app to conduct a roll-call or keep real-time records.

The system also works in offline mode.


When a guest arrives on site and signs in, the software can be set up to send an instant email or text notification to the relevant host.

These notifications can also be programmed to CC in any other relevant parties, including the host’s assistant.

Pre-registration and remembered guests

To accommodate a seamless sign-in experience, visitors can be pre-registered with an organisation, while the software also remembers the details of frequent guests and auto-suggests visitor names for quick registration.

There is the option of automatic sign-out when a guest’s visit has concluded.

Photo identification

SwipedOn allows for the capture of a guest or employee’s image. This can then be used on identification badges.

In addition, the software can be set up to capture the image of an employee at sign-in or sign-out to ensure it is the correct person.

These photos are visible to Company Admins and Location Managers within the Employee Timeline view of the SwipedOn web dashboard.

Badge printing

Visitor badges can be printed on the spot when SwipedOn is connected to a badge printer. These badges can include photos of the guest.

Reporting and analytics

A central feature of the SwipedOn workplace management system is the dashboard where reports and data are housed.

The SwipedOn web dashboard provides an organization with a comprehensive overview of visitors and employees on-site.

It allows organizations to view employee and visitor movements, manage deliveries and work through all iPad settings to customize the visitor management experience.

The dashboard enables an organisation to manage multiple locations from one account, create a digital employee in and out board, customise and brand the sign-in experience, and view data about who is on site when.

Software security

SwipedOn has taken a number of measures to ensure the security of their system. Data is stored in the cloud, and is encrypted in transit and ‘at rest’.

There is a secure mode to protect against unwanted data access, and legal agreements with pre-signed standard contractual clauses are provided to meet the required standards when it comes to obtaining people’s information.

Hardware and software requirements

The SwipedOn visitor management system is designed to be used on an iPad, running iOS 11 or later.

In addition, SwipedOn suggests organizations have a badge printer and stand.

SwipedOn is compatible with Brother label printers, with the recommended badge printer being Brother QL-820NWB. This connects to an iPad via Bluetooth or a wireless network, and prints in red and/or black.

In terms of stands, SwipedOn recommends Bosstab’s Evo Touch iPad stand, with a range of further iPad stands also available here.

The SwipedOn Pocket app is suited to iOS and Android smartphones.


SwipedOn features integrations with both Microsoft Active Directory and Microsoft Azure Active Directory.

Both integrations keep an accurate record of employees, allowing guests to access an employee directory and select the right host.


SwipedOn offers a range of add-ons to better cater to the visitor experience. These include:


Which allows the system to offer guests a beverage or food upon arrival


Organizations can manage deliveries of parcels, food etc using the SwipedOn system. The add-on allows the package label to be scanned, then the recipient is instantly notified. Automatic reminders can be set-up to ensure deliveries are promptly picked up.

Unlimited SMS

An unlimited SMS notification package can be added to a SwipedOn subscription, allowing the host to be notified via SMS that a guest has arrived.

Desk bookings

SwipedOn Desks is a feature that allows any sized business the ability to manage their shared desk spaces from a central application.

Customer Support

SwipedOn has a range of support options available, including a help center with guides on setting up and using the software, a frequently asked questions page, and an online chat feature which handles questions via messaging.

In addition, SwipedOn states it provides 24-hour customer care, Monday to Friday, with representatives in four time zones.

Further information about SwipedOn Is available here, or you can view our range of iPad stands suited to SwipedOn workplace management here.


SwipedOn is the ultimate solution for managing visitors in your office. With SwipedOn, you can easily check-in guests, create custom forms, and even track who’s on your premises in real-time. The software is designed to be simple and user-friendly, so even those who aren’t tech-savvy can use it with ease. Plus, with SwipedOn’s innovative features like digital signature capture and photo ID verification, you can be sure that your office is always secure.

Say goodbye to the hassle of paper sign-in sheets and hello to a modern, efficient way of managing visitors. With SwipedOn, you can streamline your check-in process and keep your office secure with ease.

Give it a try today and see the difference it can make for your business. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

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