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Visitly is a cloud-based visitor management system suited to businesses of all sizes. The software is downloaded as an app and works on iPad devices, which allow guests to check in as they enter a work site.

The software is configured using an online portal, which can also generate reports. Used by companies all over the world, Visitly is renowned for its ease of use and array of visitor management features.


  • iPad-based check-in
  • Contactless check-in
  • Instant notifications via SMS, email, and other communication software
  • Staff sign-in and out
  • Visitor pre-registration
  • Evacuation management
  • Badge printing
  • Photo ID
  • Document signing
  • Customized workflows
  • Customized branding

Who can use it?

Visitly is suited to organizations of all sizes across a wide range of industries. This includes hospitality, government, health and fitness, corporate, manufacturing, travel, retail and more.

How it works

Visitly offers both staff and guests the ability to sign into a location by either entering their details on an iPad-based app or via contactless sign-in using QR codes.

iPad based app

The Visitly app can be downloaded from the app store. The app then operates on an iPad positioned at the entrance to a facility. When guests arrive, they simply enter their details with an alert sent directly to their host.

Badges can also be printed out on entry and guests can pre-register and enter their details in advance of arrival.

Contactless sign-in

The iPad can generate a QR-code which allows visitors to simply scan the code on their mobile device and complete the check-in process.

The QR-code triggers a web browser to open on the guest’s device. They can then enter all their details and complete any required questions.

The mobile web browser is designed to provide the same experience to visitors as on the iPad sign-in, and includes the same sign-in flow as the iPad.

The QR then also changes automatically so guests cannot reuse the code when they next visit.


Guests can be pre-registered in the system to provide a more streamlined arrival.

This function sees an invitation sent to the guest via email, along with a QR-code and any information they may need such as parking instructions or workplace health and safety policies.

The guest’s information will then be pre-filled into the system, allowing them to quickly gain entry when they arrive using the QR-code.

Badges can also be printed prior to their arrival, while there is also the ability to manage a group of guests by bulk uploading a file of their names.

Policies and document signing

If a guest needs to view or sign a document prior to arrival or on arrival, Visitly accommodates this with document templates that can be configured.

These documents can contain images, content and text, and different documents can be presented to different visitor types, depending on the reason they are attending the premises.

The system also allows for the capture of signatures. A guest can sign using their finger at the iPad kiosk in order to agree to the terms and conditions of entry.

Signed documents are then securely stored as a pdf and are available on the Visitly portal. They can also be sent via email to the guest or the host.

Meanwhile, the name of the signed document can also be easily printed on the guest’s badge so staff are aware of their clearance level

If a guest chooses not to sign a document this can also be captured in the system.

Different visitor types

The software allows visitors to be classified into different types, such as deliveries and repeat guests, and enables the input of different workflows for each type of guest.


Visitly offers a comprehensive notification system, which allows hosts to be notified of a visitor’s arrival via Email, SMS, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Google Chat, or Cisco WebEx Teams.

Notifications can also be configured based on rules and guest types or the host type.

Notifications can also be set up with branding, subject lines, and specific content.

In addition, ‘On behalf’ notifications can be sent to personal assistants or alternative staff members, so they can meet and greet a guest on behalf of executive staff.

Photo capture

Photographs of a visitor can be taken using the iPad kiosk. These images can then be added to badges and stored on file as an added security feature or to recognise guests.

The capture of images can also be triggered as part of different workflows, so some guests might be required to have their picture taken, but others are not.


Visitly can be programmed to instantly print guest badges directly from the app via a Brother QL label printer. Badges can also be printed for guests who pre-register from the Visitly dashboard.

These badges can be configured to include a logo, visitor photo, and other information, depending on the guest type.

Staff sign-in and sign-out

In addition to tracking guests on site, the Visitly app can also track which staff are in attendance.

Staff can either sign-in and out on the iPad kiosk or using the Visitly mobile app.  Behind the scenes, administrators can create watchlists or alerts for employees and enable or disable employee access by location.

The software then tracks which staff are on location, and the duration of their stay.

Company directory

Visitly stores all information about staff and employees within its system. Contact details can be uploaded, searched and filtered, with all details housed within the Visitly portal.


Watchlists can be set up to decline or accept specific guests. These can be applied as custom fields to an entire organisation and multiple locations, or to a single location.

If a guest meets the watchlist criteria, an instant notification can be sent to the administrator or host. They can then accept or decline that visitor immediately.

Facial recognition

The facial recognition allows repeat guests to be instantly recognised, thereby streamlining the sign-in and sign-out process.

Customized branding

The software allows for customized branding, including the ability to upload a logo, use theme colours and add background images.

Fire evacuation list

Visitly enables organisations to track who is on site, when, with the system recording their photo, host and location.

In the event of an emergency, administrators can print a list of exactly who is in attendance and tick them off when their safety has been ascertained.

Administrators can also track each onsite visitor if they are accounted for or not, and contact hosts if they cannot find the guest.

Reports about evacuations can then be printed out or saved to ensure compliance.


Visitly caters to a variety of different languages and can also incorporate a multilingual welcome.

The Host Mobile app

In addition to the visitor management app, Visitly also offers a Host Mobile app. Available at the App store for iOS devices, or at the Google Play store for Android devices, the app enables staff to swiftly sign-in and out using a QR code.

It also enables them to manage their upcoming and past visitors, including pre-registering their guests.

Online portal and dashboard

The Visitly app can be configured and managed through the online dashboard. This is where administrators can set up custom workflows, visitor types, staff directories and more.

This dashboard is also home to reporting, including real time insight of guests and staff on-site, and the information can be filtered by location or guest type.

The visitor log can then be exported as an excel file and stored offline, for analytics or compliance.

The online dashboard also allows for multiple administrators. Roles supported include Global Administrator, Front desk Administrator, Evacuation Manager and Host and each can have different access levels and permissions.

Different locations can be set up differently depending on the company’s needs.

Meanwhile, the Visitly Wallboard allows administrators or security staff to display onsite visitor information on a large screen in order to track who exactly is on site at any moment in time.

Hardware and Software requirements

Visitly notes their app is suited to iPads running iOS 11 software or later. They recommend iPad 6th generation or later models, including the iPad Air.

In addition to the iPad, Visitly also recommends an iPad stand for both ease of use and device security. You can view our range of iPad stands here.

For organizations looking to print labels and badges, Visitly recommends the Brother QL-820NWB printer models for best performance.


Visitly has the ability to integrate with existing company software for notifications, staff/employee sync, single sign-on, guest Wi-Fi and more. Check out their full list of integrations here.


Visitly is committed to securing the data of both organizations and their guests. They note they have a dedicated globally distributed security team on-call 24/7, which monitors security notifications.

You can read more about Visitly’s security features here.

Customer Support

Visitly offers a series of support services including a digital assistant, phone and email support, and various resources such as quick start guides, a blog, and knowledge base.

Customers on the Enterprise plan also receive priority support.


Visitly is a modern and intuitive visitor management system that streamlines the check-in process for businesses of all sizes. With Visitly, you can easily check-in guests, schedule appointments, and even customize your check-in forms to meet the unique needs of your business. Plus, Visitly’s real-time visitor tracking feature ensures that you always know who’s on your premises and when.

But Visitly isn’t just about managing visitors – it’s also a powerful tool for security. With features like photo ID verification and digital signature capture, Visitly ensures that your office is always secure. And with Visitly’s mobile app, you can manage your visitors from anywhere, at any time.

Upgrade your front desk operations with Visitly. It’s a game-changer for any business looking to streamline their check-in process and keep their office secure. Give it a try today and see the difference it can make for your business.

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