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Envoy is a visitor management system with a suite of further tools that are designed to make the workplace more flexible, more efficient, and more productive.

Describing themselves as ‘a workplace platform’ they offer effortless iPad check-in for guests and also facilitate employee sign-in, delivery management, and desk and room bookings.


  • Visitor management
  • Employee management
  • Contactless sign-in
  • Photo ID
  • Badge printing
  • Document signing
  • Desk and meeting room bookings
  • Delivery management

Designed to make the workplace more flexible, more efficient, and more productive.

Who can use it?

Envoy is suited to workplaces large and small across a range of industries. The system can be used as a simple visitor management tool, or with further add-ons, can be tailored to create a flexible workplace that offers features like desk and meeting room bookings, and delivery management.

How it works

In terms of visitor management, Envoy is an app that is installed on an iPad to facilitate guest sign-in. This app is configured and managed from a web portal where an administrator can set up different visitor types, create questionnaires and maintain a staff contact list.

There are further add-ons available as part of the suite of workplace management tools provided by Envoy including a meeting room booking feature, and a desk booking feature.

These are designed to better manage the workplace and occupancy.

In addition to the iPad app, there is also a mobile app available for staff which can be used to sign into the workplace, book a meeting room, or desk and answer any relevant questions prior to entering the workplace.

Visitor management

Envoy offers a streamlined visitor management system where guests and staff can easily check into a workplace using a range of methods.

These include:

iPad at entry – guests can physically sign in on an iPad at the entrance to a workplace. Alternatively, they can scan a QR code generated by the iPad and complete their registration on their mobile phone for a contactless check-in.

Pre-visit sign-in – Visitors can also be invited via email to complete their details in advance and sign in via QR code.

Staff check-in – Staff at reception can used the iPad platform or the web portal to manually sign-in a guest who arrives onsite.

When the visitor checks-in, hosts are instantly notified of the visitor’s arrival via SMS, email, Microsoft Teams or Slack, and guest details are stored digitally in the visitor log, which is easy to reference in an evacuation or emergency.

An organization can create different sign-in experiences for different types of guests, such as contractors, job candidates, staff or visitors.

This can then trigger any documents that need to be signed or information that needs to be viewed prior to entry.

Envoy notes this allows an organization to ask for the information they need in order to comply with workplace health and safety regulations or company policies.

Staff management

Envoy allows staff to sign in and out of a workplace via the iPad or the mobile app.

This app can also be connected to access control, allowing doors to a workplace to be unlocked via the staff member’s mobile phone.

Access credentials

When Envoy is connected to an access control system, guests can be prevented from entering an unauthorized area.

Printed badges also quickly identify which guests have access to what areas. Meanwhile, Wi-Fi access can be restricted so it can only be used when the guest is on-site.

Wi-Fi access

Envoy also facilitates Wi-Fi access for site visitors, allowing an organization to provide network details to guests, when and where they need.

Photo ID

Envoy offers the ability to take a picture of visitor’s signing into the workplace.

This feature can apply to certain visitor types or all guests. The image can be taken on the iPad positioned at the workplace entry or uploaded in advance when the guest pre-registers.

This image can then be used on a printed badge that the person wears while onsite.

Badge printing

Badges can be immediately printed on a compatible wireless printer connected to the iPad. This allows an organization to recognize at a glance if someone should not be onsite.

Pre-registration and screening

Envoy allows an organization to pre-register a guest. When the visitor is invited to a meeting at the workplace, information such as the location, and any documents that need to be signed are sent to them via email.

They also receive a secure QR code which they can then scan at the Envoy iPad on entry.

Unauthorised visitors

The software allows administrators to set up internal or third-party block lists. It also flags when a guest has an invalid ID.

If someone doesn’t meet the criteria of who should be onsite, the system sends an instant alert via SMS, email or Slack to the relevant site supervisor or admin so the team can take action quickly and discreetly.

Emergency management

Guest and employee details are stored digitally in Envoy’s log, which can be referenced in an evacuation or emergency.

These lists can also be used for contact tracing to mitigate the risk and impact of Covid.

Meanwhile, visitors and staff can be provided with an emergency plan and evacuation instructions, so they know what to do if an event occurs when they are onsite.

Document signing

The system allows organizations to generate documents and questionnaires for visitors and staff to answer or sign prior to entry.

These documents might include non-disclosure agreements, workplace health and safety information or questionnaires that need to be answered in order to gain entry.

The documents can be assigned to specific visitors or a group of visitors and can be generated at entry on the sign-in iPad or sent to the guest as part of the pre-registration process.

Signed legal documents are then stored digitally and can easily be retrieved.

The mobile app

The Envoy mobile app is used by staff. It connects the Envoy suite of products in a bid to ‘empower employees to get the most’ out of their workplace.

The app allows employees to set and share their workplace schedules, schedule meetings, book meeting rooms, and reserve a desk in the workplace in the instance of ‘hot desking’.

The app can also be used to sign an employee in and out of the office. Paired with an access control system, this can enable employees to unlock doors as they enter the building.


Envoy Deliveries is an add-on to the visitor management system, which allows an organization to log deliveries and instantly notify recipients.

When deliveries come in, the shipping label is scanned, and the recipient is automatically sent a notification the package has arrived.

Employees then mark that they have picked up the package. If they forget, Envoy sends a further reminder.

Meeting rooms and desk bookings

Envoy Desks and Envoy Rooms are add-ons that allow a workplace to manage desk and room bookings. Staff can book a desk, while administrators use a map to create a seating layout that suits their operation and the capacity of the office.

They can then determine which desks are assigned, and which are available, which is useful in an era of social distancing.

Room bookings are synced to a company calendar, while a digital display outside each room displays the room number and when it is booked for a meeting.


The Envoy dashboard is available on desktop, laptop or mobile device and allows admins to set up iPad sign-in kiosks, customize the sign-in experience and complete tasks like creating questionnaires for incoming guests, and manage desk and room bookings, along with deliveries.

It features a real-time log of who is on-site and offers in-depth reporting.

It also allows the sign-in process to be customized across multiple locations.

Reporting and analytics

Envoy offers detailed analytics about who is onsite when, including data on foot traffic, guest logs, and more.

This data can be exported in the form of CSV files and PDFs, and is also accessible in real time across multiple locations.

Envoy notes this allows an organization to better manage foot traffic within the workplace and account for busy periods.

It also offers insight into the average time guests spend on site, the purpose of their visit, whether or not they signed out, and how long the sign-in process took.

Hardware and Software requirements

The Envoy iPad app is suited to devices running iPadOS 13 or later. It Is available for download at Apple’s app store.

The Envoy dashboard can be logged into from any commonly used web browser on a desktop, laptop or mobile device.

For staff at workplaces using Envoy, the Envoy mobile app is suited to Android smartphones or Apple iPhones and is available at Google Play or the App Store.

ID badges are printed using a compatible wireless printer.


Envoy integrates with a host of applications commonly used in the workplace.

The list of integrations includes Slack, Aruba ClearPass, Okta, Microsoft Teams, DocuSign, Eventbrite, Google Drive, and Openpath.

Meanwhile, Envoy has an open API which can be used to create purpose-built apps for the platform.

Customer Support

Information about Envoy’s customer support is not readily available, however, reviews indicate the support level is high, with Capterra giving the software 4.8 stars out of five for their level of support based on 406 reviews.

The Envoy website also boasts a messaging service, a series of helpful videos and guides along with a support contact number and email inquiry page.

You can learn more about Envoy here, or view our range of iPad stands suited to visitor management here.


Envoy is the ultimate visitor management software, making it easy to welcome guests and keep track of who’s in the building. With its sleek design and user-friendly interface, it’s a no-brainer for any business looking to upgrade their front desk.

Give it a try today and see the difference it can make for your visitors’ experience!

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