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Clear Cache Using Safari

Follow our step-by-step instructions on how to clear cache on iPad using Safari.

Open Safari
Step 1

Open up the Safari app and tap on the icon that resembles a table. In case you're using an older Safari version, it might appear more like a book.

Select History
Step 2

Choose the 'History' option (it usually looks like a clock).

Press Clear
Step 3

Now press 'Clear'. Next, you get to decide which browsing history you want to remove.

Remove for websites
Step 4

While in the History section, you also have the option to remove the cache for specific websites. Just swipe left on the website and tap on 'Delete'.

Clear Cache Using Chrome

Follow our step-by-step instructions on how to clear cache on iPad using Chrome.

Open Chrome
Step 1

Open the Chrome app from your iPad.

Tap the more button
Step 2

Go ahead and tap on the 'More' button (three dots). Keep in mind, in certain Chrome versions, you might find these three dots at the top or bottom. Regardless, the remaining steps remain unchanged.

Navigate to History
Step 3

Navigate to 'History' to open up browsing history.

Press Clear
Step 4

Now press 'Clear Browsing Data'.

Step 5

Make sure there's a checkmark beside the files you want to remove. This usually includes "Cookies, Site Data" and "Cached Images and Files".

Press clear
Step 6

Once this is done, click on 'Clear Browsing Data'.

Clear Cache Using Mozilla Firefox

Follow our step-by-step instructions on how to clear cache on iPad using Mozilla Firefox.

Open Firefox
Step 1

To start, click on the Firefox Menu button, which is located in the bottom-right corner and appears as three horizontal lines.

Click on History.
Step 2

Click on History.

Click Bin
Step 3

Click on the bin icon located at the bottom of your screen.

Choose extent
Step 4

This will prompt you to choose the extent of your history deletion: Today, Today and Yesterday, or Everything. Make your selection.

Erase websites
Step 5

Firefox also provides the option to erase the history for particular websites. While viewing your recently visited sites, just swipe left on a website, and you'll see the Delete choice. Click on this option to remove the history of that specific website.

Clearing your cache - What are the benefits?

Regularly clearing your browser cache offers a range of advantages that contribute to a smoother and more efficient browsing experience.
By removing accumulated data like cookies, cached images, and site data, you can free up valuable storage space on your device.
This, in turn, helps optimize your browser’s performance, leading to faster loading times for websites and reducing the likelihood of encountering compatibility issues. Additionally, clearing your cache enhances your privacy by removing traces of your online activities.
So, by incorporating this simple maintenance task into your routine, you’re ensuring that your browsing remains swift, secure, and hassle-free. Visit Apple’s website for more information.

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