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Lead the Way in ADA Compliance with Bosstab

When it comes to tablet stands, Bosstab is all about ADA compliance. They’ve designed their products with accessibility in mind, following ADA standards for physical kiosk accessibility. Here’s how Bosstab ensures a user-friendly experience for people with disabilities:

Reach Limits

Bosstab products position the touch screen at a height between 15 and 48 inches, making it easily accessible. Even if there’s an obstruction like a countertop, the touch screen can be adjusted to fit the user’s needs.

Side Reach Limits

For kiosks accessible from the side, Bosstab products keep the touch screen within the 15 to 48-inch height range. If there’s an obstruction, the height of the touch screen and obstruction are adjusted to make interaction a breeze.

Protrusion Limits

Bosstab’s wall-mounted kiosks follow ADA guidelines with a maximum 4-inch depth, a minimum height of 27 inches, and a maximum height of 80 inches. This way, people with visual impairments can navigate safely around the kiosk using a cane.

By choosing Bosstab products, you’re not only getting quality tablet stands but also contributing to an inclusive and accessible environment for all users, regardless of their abilities.

Accessibility Compliance Responsibilities

The owner is responsible for ensuring compliance with ADA standards, including counter heights, counter depth, floor space, and mounting positions. These standards guarantee equal access and a seamless experience for individuals with disabilities when interacting with kiosks, fostering an inclusive environment.

Wanting to create an ADA Compliant Workplace but not sure where to start?

Incorporating ADA compliant products like Bosstab tablet stands is a fantastic start, but let’s make your entire workplace ADA compliant. Here are some practical steps to follow:

Physical Accessibility

Take a look at your workspace for any physical barriers and make the necessary modifications. Ensure your pathways are wide enough for wheelchair users and install ramps or elevators where needed. Also, don’t forget to designate accessible parking spaces and clearly mark accessible entrances.

Assistive Technologies

Consider implementing assistive technologies such as screen readers, alternative keyboards, and adaptive software. These tools can greatly assist employees with visual or motor impairments, allowing them to perform their tasks effectively and independently.

Communication and Information Access

Make sure written materials are accessible to all. Provide alternative formats like braille or large print for those with visual impairments. Caption videos and provide transcripts for audio content. And don’t forget to make your website accessible by following the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

Training and Sensitization

Train your employees on disability awareness and the importance of inclusivity. Foster a culture that values and respects the needs of individuals with disabilities. Encourage open communication and be willing to make reasonable accommodations to ensure equal participation for all.

ADA compliance is key to creating an inclusive workplace where diversity thrives. By investing in ADA compliant products like Bosstab tablet stands, you’re taking a significant step toward meeting accessibility requirements. Additionally, by implementing physical modifications, assistive technologies, and inclusive communication practices, you’ll create an environment where every employee feels valued and empowered to contribute their best. So, let’s embrace accessibility and make our workplaces truly inclusive! Click here for more information on The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

ADA Compliance PDF

Discover more about ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Standards below

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