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Disable Auto Brightness setting

In commercial environments, disabling Auto Brightness on iPads offers a multitude of benefits: it guarantees consistent screen visibility essential for customer interactions, significantly conserves battery life by eliminating the constant adjustments to ambient light changes, and empowers businesses to create a more tailored and controlled user experience, ensuring that the device seamlessly integrates into the operational workflow and meets the specific demands of diverse business use cases.

1 ipad auto dim Step 1
Step 1

Navigate to the Settings application on your iPhone or iPad, and proceed to scroll down until you locate the option labeled Accessibility.
Once found, tap on it to select it.

1 ipad auto dim Step 2
Step 2

Within the Accessibility's section, you will come across the Display & Text Size choice. Give it a tap.

1 ipad auto dim Step 3
Step 3

Proceed downward until you reach the Auto-Brightness section. Then, switch off the toggle located next to it.

1 ipad auto dim Step 4

That's it! You have successfully turned off the auto brightness setting.

Adjust your brightness setting

Disabling Auto-Brightness was the initial step in the process. The next task is to manage the brightness and adjust it to your preferred level. Let’s now delve into the procedure for manually controlling your screen brightness.

2 ipad auto dim Step 1
Step 1

Go to Settings and scroll down to Display & Brightness.

2 ipad auto dim Step 2
Step 2

Within the Brightness category, you'll discover a slider. Modify this slider to alter the brightness of your iPhone or iPad.

2 ipad auto dim Step 3

Access the Control Centre and make adjustments to the brightness through the dedicated Brightness tab.

Achieving a consistent user experience

In the dynamic world of business, especially in sectors that heavily rely on technology like POS systems and visitor management, it’s essential to tailor devices to meet specific needs. iPads, which are increasingly being adopted for such roles, come equipped with features suitable for general consumers. One such feature is Auto Brightness.

When you disable Auto Brightness on an iPad, you achieve a level of stability that’s often necessary in commercial settings. For instance, maintaining consistent screen brightness ensures that employees or customers are not distracted or inconvenienced by fluctuating screen illumination. Such consistency is particularly important during critical tasks or when ensuring seamless content consumption during transactions or guest check-ins.

Moreover, in environments where lighting might shift throughout the day – from the morning sun to artificial evening lights – a consistent brightness can be a battery saver. The iPad isn’t constantly adjusting and readjusting to these changes, leading to better battery longevity.

In essence, businesses that opt to disable Auto Brightness can customize their iPad displays to better align with their operational needs. Such a simple tweak not only promotes efficiency and consistency but also greatly enhances the user’s interaction with the device, ensuring a positive experience for both staff and customers. Check out more customisable settings on iPhone and iPads here.

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