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The Receptionist

The Receptionist for iPad is considered the original iPad-based visitor management system.

Launched in 2013, the software has continually innovated to encompass a range of features and integrations associated with visitor management, including two-way communication and customizable workflows.

The software allows guests and employees to securely check-in with data stored in real-time in the cloud.

It is used by thousands of businesses around the globe – from offices with just a few employees to those with multiple locations and over 50,000 staff.


  • Alerts/notifications
  • Badge management
  • ID scanning
  • Pre-registration
  • Self check-in/check-out
  • Contactless check-in
  • Document signing
  • Evacuation management

Who can use it?

The Receptionist is suited to organizations large and small across industries such as manufacturing, education, co-working spaces, food and beverage, hospitality, government and enterprise, and healthcare.

How it works

Receptionist for iPad is an app which offers a simple check-in process.

Guests and employees check-in on the iPad with the simple push of a button or via a mobile phone which scans a generated QR code.

On check-in, guests can be prompted to answer questions, enter their details and select who they are visiting. These questions are able to be customized, and the software can be set up so that certain visitor types are asked specific questions.

The software then records all details in a visit log, which can be accessed via desktop, laptop or mobile device, and shows visitor data in real time while also providing the ability to generate reports.

Visitor management

Receptionist for iPad offers two main check-in options for guests – physical check-in on the device, and mobile check-in where the guest scans a generated QR code on the iPad and then checks in using their own mobile phone.

iPad check-in – When a guest arrives at a workplace, they see a welcome screen which encourages them to check-in.

They then push the relevant buttons, answer any required questions, and select who they wish to see from a list of contacts in order to check into a facility.

There is also the option to check out at the end of their visit.

Mobile check-in – This option caters to contactless check-in. Rather than filling out their information on the iPad screen or pushing virtual buttons, the guest scans a QR code on their mobile phone, which instantly activates a URL.

Here, they fill in all the required information. Once complete, a further QR code is generated on their phone, and they scan this on the iPad so check-in is completed, and all their details are recorded in The Receptionist system.

Employee management

The Receptionist for iPad can also serve as an employee sign-in and sign-out board. To do this, the administrator adds sets up a virtual button on the web dashboard.

Employees can then sign in and sign out, while their hours on site can also be tracked. For additional security, employees can also be assigned a four-digit pin, which they have to input on entry and exit.

Contactless check-in

The Receptionist offers contactless check-in where the guest can go through the same check-in steps, but on their own smart phone via QR Codes.

Once the QR code is scanned a URL appears on the guest’s mobile phone and they can then continue the same check-in process.

Once they’ve completed the check-in process, an additional QR code is generated which they then display to the iPad to log their information in the system.

The visit log

All data about visitors is securely stored in the visit log, which is hosted in the cloud. This allows an organization to filter information, generate and export reports, and instantly access an evacuation roll.

Evacuation management

The Receptionist has a live, currently checked-in visit log within the app in case a workplace needs to be evacuated.

The visit log is available by signing into the web portal, which can be accessed computer, iPad, or smartphone.

The visit log can then be used to conduct a roll call, and courtesy of an ‘evacuation feature’, each guest and staff member can be checked off the list once they have been accounted for.


The Receptionist integrates with other common workplace software to notify the relevant staff member when a guest arrives.

This means notifications can be sent by platforms including email, SMS, and Slack.

The system can also be set up to provide two-way communication, so the host can acknowledge the guest’s arrival or provide further instructions.

Photo capture

The Receptionist offers a feature where organizations can take a photograph of the visitor on check-in. The photo can then be stored in the visit log or used for identification badges.

organizations can also upload images of their staff in the form of employee contact photos. The staff image then displays alongside the employee contact’s name when a guest checks-in.

ID capture

The software also has an ID Capture button that allows organizations to ask a guest to scan their identification in the form of a driver’s license or passport during check-in.

For returning visitors this feature can be set to ‘required’ or always ‘required’. When activated, this field becomes mandatory, and visitors cannot skip it in order to check-in.

ID badges

Badges can be branded and customized to a visitor type via the Receptionist web portal. They can also include photographs of the guest.

These badges are printed using a compatible label printer, which connects wirelessly to the iPad.

Document signing

The Receptionist offers a document signing feature where forms such as non-disclosure and workplace health and safety requirements can be uploaded to the system.

This allows guests to sign any relevant documents that are required before they are granted entry.

Meanwhile, the customized workflow triggers these documents to automatically appear before the right visitor type.


Visitors can be pre-registered to provide a true VIP experience.

In this instance, the visitor’s basic information is entered into the visit log prior to their arrival. When they arrive, the email address they enter is recognized and they can provide further details.

Returning visitors

The Receptionist can be configured to remember returning visitors and expedite their check-in process.


The software offers a specific Delivery button that can be activated to accept deliveries. The button can be configured to find and specifically notify the recipient of each and every package, or the Delivery button can notify a pre-set list of designated package handlers.


The Receptionist for iPad supports a number of different languages, with more regularly added. Current languages supported include:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Dutch
  • Vietnamese
  • Chinese (simplified)
  • Italian
  • Hungarian
  • Japanese

The web portal

The web portal is the central area for account information and software set-up.

This dashboard allows the workplace administrator to manage employee contacts, customise workflows and access real-time and historic visit log details.

The website is also where the visual experience of the iPad application can be customized with the business logo, a welcome message, and the set-up of relevant buttons, questions and documents for signing.


The Receptionist offers the ability to access and download reports from the visit log. This data can be searched or filtered by date range, visitor type, and device, then exported as a CSV file or PDF.

PDF exports can also include reporting of visitor photos and signatures from the legal agreements signed during visitor check in.

When the format for the export is selected, the user is then presented with a window that allows them to customise what data is exported, who will receive the export, and when they want the export to be delivered.

The administrator can pick and choose what fields to include and even schedule the export to be sent automatically weekly or monthly.


The Receptionist can be set up with specific workflows tailored to visitor type. For example, a tradesperson may need to demonstrate they have the required licenses, or a guest might need to fill in a non-disclosure agreement.

The customizable workflows feature allows an organization to create specific workflows associated with specific visitor types, and also enables a specific employee contact to be assigned to a visitor type. For example, an interview candidate can be assigned to the human resources manager.

Hardware and Software requirements

The Receptionist runs on all Apple devices using iPad iOS 13 and higher, but they strongly suggest iPadOS should be updated to the latest iPad operating system available.

Although The Receptionist can be run on iPad Minis, they note this is not desirable as ‘the screen is too small for visitors to use comfortably’.

Meanwhile, the web portal is available on all ‘evergreen’ browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge.

The Receptionist also notes mobile and tablet browsers should be also able to use most features and functionality of the web application, but some features, such as the home screen and button configuration areas, may not appear due to the limits of the screen size.

The iPad check-in kiosk can be wirelessly connected to a label printer to print ID badges.

The Receptionist recommends using Brother QL-820NWB badge printers which print in Black/White or Black/Red/White, and connect via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or Ethernet.

Meanwhile, our range of iPad stands suited to The Receptionist for iPad are available here.


The Receptionist boasts numerous integrations with apps that are commonly used in the workplace.

Built-in integrations include tools such as Slack, Dropbox, Salesforce, Zapier, Google Drive, Microsoft Excel and more.

The Receptionist notes these integrations allow for a seamless workflow throughout an office or facility, while the Zapier integration alone taps into 3000 potential software connections.

Customer Support

The Receptionist for iPad offers what it describes as ‘radical support’. This includes phone support, an online chat feature, online guides and frequently asked questions, an email help desk, and forum.

This support is free and unlimited, even when trialing the product.

More information about The Receptionist for iPad is available here, or view our range of tablet stands suited to visitor management.


The Receptionist is a revolutionary visitor management system that simplifies the check-in process for businesses of all sizes. With its intuitive design and cutting-edge features, The Receptionist makes it easy to track visitors, schedule appointments, and even customize your check-in process to meet the unique needs of your business.

But The Receptionist is more than just a check-in system. It also includes advanced security features like real-time visitor tracking and photo ID verification, so you can be sure that your office is always secure. Plus, with The Receptionist’s mobile app, you can manage your visitors from anywhere, at any time.

Upgrade your visitor management process with The Receptionist today. Experience the convenience and security it provides and see how it can streamline your front desk operations. Give it a try, and see the difference it can make for your business.

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