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Ezy Sign-in

Created in Australia, Ezy Sign-in is a simple and effective visitor management system that now operates in countries around the globe.

Featuring the options of a dedicated iPad kiosk that guests can sign into or mobile sign-in using QR-codes, the software offers a range of visitor management features, including meeting bookings, badge printing, document upload and more.

The system suits a variety of industries ranging from hospitality to health, government, and corporations.

It also features add-ons including employee sign-in, desk bookings, and timesheet reporting.


  • iPad based sign in
  • Sign-in without iPad
  • Returning visitors
  • Mobile check-out
  • Terms and conditions page
  • Image capture
  • Visitor badge
  • Meeting pre-bookings
  • Visitor log
  • Employee check-in
  • Multi-location management
  • Administrator web portal

Who can use it?

Ezy Sign-in caters to a variety of industries ranging from corporate to government and hospitality.

Their current clients are located Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand, Singapore, United Kingdom, United State and Saudi Arabia.

Industries they cater to include legal, accounting, construction, hot desking, education, government, community events, manufacturing, mining, hospitals, hotels, and gyms.

How it works

Ezy Sign-in offers both a contactless and an iPad-based visitor sign-in process.


The contactless version sees a guest scan a QR code on their mobile phone. The code can be displayed on an iPad or a poster, and when the guest scans it, the sign-in web link opens on their phone. The guest then completes their registration details, with the host notified of their arrival. An image of the guest can also be taken during sign-in.

When the guest leaves, they simply check out using the same mobile web-link. Data about their visit is stored in the Ezy Sign-in dashboard.

iPad app

The iPad app sees the guest check-in on an iPad kiosk. They enter their details on the app including the name of the host they wish to see. The host is then notified, and an image of the guest can be taken and used for a visitor badge.

When the guest leaves, they can either check-out using the iPad kiosk or their mobile phone. Data about their visit is stored in the Ezy Sign-in Dashboard.

Host notifications

When a guest checks-in and selects their host, the host is automatically notified via SMS or email.

Mobile check-out

Ezy Sign-in’s mobile check out feature allows visitors to check out using their mobile phones at the end of their meeting.

Once a visitor has checked themselves in, Ezy Sign-in sends a link via SMS that can be used by the visitor at the end of their meeting to check out.

This feature allows visitors to check out directly from their mobiles phone without the need for them to return to the point of entry.

Pre-bookings and pre-registration

Meeting can be pre-booked for guests, allowing them to register before they arrive. The feature generates a QR-code and meeting ID that are sent to the visitor by email.

When they arrive, the visitor can either enter the meeting ID, or use the QR code to check-in, which generates all their details.

Returning visitors

Ezy Sign-in’s Return Visitor feature simplifies the check-in process for return guests. The guest simply enters their phone number and the name of the host, and the system retrieves the details they have previously entered.

Inductions, Terms and Conditions

Company terms and conditions can be displayed to guests as part of the check-in process.

Information that needs to be viewed can also include induction requirements, emergency escape plans or any other procedures that gusts need to be made aware of to ensure compliance.

The software also has the ability to capture the visitor’s digital signature to confirm understanding and acceptance of any terms and conditions.

Documents, such as vaccine certificates and licenses, can be uploaded to the system.

A copy of the document can then also be emailed to the visitor and the company’s human resources department.

Image capture

Image capture uses the iPad kiosk’s inbuilt camera to take a picture of a visitor during check-in.

This photo can be used to print a visitor badge and also help identify the visitor should there be a requirement to do so.

The photo is then stored and reused for any repeat visits.

Visitor badges

Ezy Sign-in allows for a sticky visitor badge to be printed from the iPad kiosk using an optional label printer.

The badge can include information provided by the visitor during the check-in process and their photo, if required.

Visitor log

The visitor log keeps track of all guests attending a site, including information on the organization they represent, the date they attended, the duration of their stay, who they visited and the purpose for the visit.

A host can access this on a personal level, while the administrator has an organizational view of who was on site, when, for what reason.

Employee sign-in

Employee sign-in is an optional module that can be added to the Ezy Sign-in subscription for an additional cost.

It can track and keep a record of when employees sign-in and sign-out and can also be integrated with an organization’s payroll system.


For organisations with more than one office or site, Ezy Sign-in has multi-location capability. This allows the software to be used at multiple sites but can be accessed and managed from a single dashboard.

Administrator web portal

The administrator web portal is where the software can be customized to suit an organisation’s needs. It is also where administrators can view guest logs, manage multiple locations, and generate reports.

These reports can be exported in excel format.

Hardware and Software requirements

Ezy Sign-in requires different hardware depending on how the organization intends to use the software. In the case of mobile check-in via a QR-Code poster, little hardware is required.

An iPad kiosk will require an iPad running iOS 9 or later and a suitable stand. You can view our range of stands here.

In order to print badges, a compatible label printer is needed.

Ezy Signin also offers packages with all the hardware provided. Meanwhile, the Ezy Sign-in app is available from Apple’s app store.

Customer Support

Ezy Sign-in offers customer support in a variety of ways. There is a dedicated technical support page where customers can input their inquiry for response from the Ezy Signin team.

The website also has a frequently asked questions page along with blog with useful tips. The site also features a chatbot to handle simple queries.


Ezy Sign-in is the ultimate visitor management solution for any business looking to streamline their front desk operations. With its advanced features and intuitive design, it makes it easy to manage guests and keep track of who’s on-premise.

Say goodbye to paper sign-in sheets and hello to a more efficient and professional way of welcoming visitors. Give Ezy Sign-in a try today and see the difference it can make for your organization!

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