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Sign In Enterprise

Sign In Enterprise makes visitor management and security simpler. Sign In is an entirely paperless system which allows visitors to ‘check in’ using iPad kiosks. Through the Sign In all-in-one platform, companies and workplaces have the power to better manage their visitors and provide them with a seamless experience.

Sign In provides a solution that does more. With helpful features such as pre-registration, ID badge printing, face recognition and a fully customisable visitor experience, Sign In is the ultimate choice for visitor management.


  • Quick & easy visitor check-in via iPad
  • Customisable, intuitive visitor experience
  • Real time view of who is in your facilities, anywhere in the world
  • Integrates with CRMs, analytics, wifi & more
  • Easily capture guest data
  • Allows visitors to pre-register
  • Automated notifications for visitors on arrival
  • Helps meet compliance requirements and screen visitors

Is Sign In Enterprise Right For Me?

Sign In is a favorite throughout multiple industries, including, tech, manufacturing, utilities, hospitality and pharmaceuticals. Due to its customisation features, Sign In can be easily tailored to suit your company’s requirements.

Sign In caters to businesses of all sizes, from single locations to multinational companies. Sign In offers various plans at price points to suit most businesses.

How Does Sign In Work?

Sign In provides the most advanced enterprise visitor management system using cloud-based software. It’s so much more than just a paperless system. It provides safety controls, outreach and alerting as well as complex analytics and auditing functionality. You can even build out visitor experience workflows to tailor and personalize each guest’s entry process. And the best part? It’s low-code and easy to use.

Let’s get to know the ins and outs of Sign In Enterprise’s unique features and benefits.

Visitor Check In

Sign In begins with an entirely branded visitor check-in experience. Set up your iPad kiosks with your company logo, colors and location-specific backgrounds to create a professional check-in. From here, you can create customized pages, such as welcome screens, training videos, safety procedures and more. With Sign In, you can ask your guests to pre-register for their visit via entirely branded email communications, forms and more.

Your visitors’ check-in experience can be tailored to your specifications. You can capture information, scan documents and even create ID badges, all at your Sign In kiosk.

The Sign In Enterprise check-in experience is seamless and creates a professional atmosphere for your visitors, whilst helping you maintain safety and compliance.

Compliance & Safety Controls

Sign In Enterprise puts a heavy emphasis on safety and security and has robust features to help businesses maintain their safety protocols.

Sign In Enterprise helps you keep on top of compliance. Need to give your visitors important information such as fire evacuation maps or health and safety protocols? Sign In can give each guest this information, right at the point of check-in. Sign In goes further by asking guests to sign any relevant NDAs, provide documentation or identification and more. The Sign In platform also supports ITAR, HIPAA, FedRAMP and other compliance requirements.

The Sign In system also allows you to perform contact tracing. You’ll be able to identify who is on-site at any given time to trace back any possible health, safety or security concerns.

With Sign In, you can manage an internal watchlist and bar any bad actors access to your facility. You can also conduct an instant background check on visitors upon check-in by integrating with third-party watchlist providers such as Fedcheck, Sheq and Contractor Compliance.

Further reduce the risk of possible safety issues with capacity planning and management. You can schedule check-in times for your visitors, monitor the capacity of your facility and limit check-in when you reach capacity.

The Sign In system can also manage contractor check-ins and ensure they have any relevant qualifications of certifications before they enter your facility.

Critical Outreach & Altering

In the event of an emergency, Sign In can send instant notifications to the mobile phones of all your visitors, contractors or employees. Make sure all your guests are safe and accounted for and are kept up to date on any critical safety information.

Facial Recognition & Identification

Understanding who is in your facility is important. With Sign In, visitors can opt-in to facial recognition and have their data stored for any future visits. Sign In can be connected to an ID badge printer and instantly print ID badges as your visitors check-in.


The ZeroTouch® feature from Sign In makes visitor and employee check-in even smoother. This feature allows visitors to check-in to your facility via their smartphone. You’ll have the ability to send out pre-registration documents to your visitors via an invitation email. From here, you can send out any relevant information such as, safety information, documents and more so your visitors have all the info before they even step through your doors. Once arrived at your facility, visitors can simply scan a QR code to check-in.

ZeroTouch® is a secure platform meaning any sensitive or personal data is kept safe. Using ZeroTouch® helps create even more efficiency in your visitor check-in processes and minimize the risk of the spread of illness.

Auditing & Analytics

Sign In provides real-time visitor monitoring and analytics dashboard which gives valuable insight into your visitors and safety conditions. Facility safety is one of the main focuses of Sign In’s platform and the data it provides is very robust. The dashboard itself is customisable, meaning you can tailor the overview to show data which is most relevant to your business.

For example, Sign In can show, in real-time, who has pre-registered to attend your facility today, who is in it now and the expected capacity for tomorrow. In this way, you can make sure the right safety measures are in place each day to manage your facility smoothly.

With Sign In, you can create customized dashboards for various stakeholders, providing them with only the relevant data, such as, HR, facility operations departments, IT, executive sponsors and more.

Sign In makes creating visitor management reports easier with their executive reporting feature. This allows you to build out reports highlighting data points of your choice, including, safety reports, building security, compliance, brand threats and social responsibilities. You can export this data based on a single location or throughout an entire organization. You’ll be able to see an overview of your vulnerabilities and successes within just a few clicks.


Imagine if you could entirely customize each visitor’s experience at your facility? Sign In’s Experience Workflow Editor gives you this power. The Experience Workflow Editor is a low-code feature which gives you complete control of your guest’s check-in experience, without having to integrate any third-party platforms. The Editor uses a ‘drag and drop’ system to allow you to build out various workflows to create unique experiences.

For example, you can request additional information from guests, have them take a photo for identification, scan any required documents or sign an NDA before entering. This feature allows you to make your compliance and security processes a breeze.

Perhaps the best aspect of the Experience Workflow Editor is the ability to build different workflows for different visitor types. For example, you can build out alternate experiences for your employees, contractors, visitors and job applicants. In fact, you can even build a different check-in experience for family members of employees. With the Experience Workflow Editor, your visitor experience is completely up to you.


Simplify your processes even further by integrating Sign In with your most-used platforms. Sign In has a long list of integration partners to seamlessly create an ecosystem with your favorite tech. Check out this page for their full list of integrations.


Sign In Enterprise is the go-to solution for any business looking to take their visitor management to the next level. With its advanced security features and customizable options, it makes it easy to manage guests and keep track of who’s on-premise. Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional sign-in methods and hello to a more efficient and professional way of welcoming visitors.

Give Sign In Enterprise a try today and see the difference it can make for your organization! With its easy-to-use interface and customizable options, it’s the perfect solution to streamline your visitor management process and enhance your front-desk operations.

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