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VisitUs Reception

VisitUs Reception is a cloud-based visitor management system suited to handling guest check-in and employee sign-in across a range of sectors.

The software is available as an app for iPad and is administered through a web portal. There is also a corresponding Android and iPhone smartphone app which can be used by employees.


  • Visitor management
  • Staff management
  • Contactless sign-in
  • Pre-registration
  • Document signing
  • Photo ID
  • Badge printing
  • Covid screening
  • Emergency management
  • Real-time reporting

Who can use it?

VisitUs Reception services a range of industries, including corporate and government, logistics, manufacturing, education, and more.

The software suits both small organizations and large, with different pricing options available depending on the number of locations.

They describe themselves as a ‘flexible and easy to learn’ software solution that is suited to any business, company or organization that needs to record information of visitors, staff and contractors.

How it works

VisitUs reception offers four main ways for a guest, employee or contractor to sign into a workplace.

iPad kiosk – The iPad app sees guests sign into a workplace at iPads positioned throughout a location. This sign-in can be completed on the iPad by pushing the relevant virtual buttons and entering details, or via a contactless sign-in where the iPad generates a QR code that the guest can use to access a URL on their smartphone.

Web portal – Guests can also be manually signed in via the web interface. This interface is also available to staff and workplace administrators, so staff can search their name in the system and sign in or out.

Mobile app – The VisitUs mobile app for Android smart phones and iPhones is available to staff members of an organization using VisitUs reception.

The app allows for QR code sign-in where the staff member presents their QR code on the phone to the iPad on arrival or departure.

Staff can receive push notifications about a guest’s arrival or regarding an emergency evacuation on their device.

QR codes – VisitUs Reception also allows for the generation of physical QR codes that can be positioned around a location allowing people to sign-in using the URL generated on their mobile phone.

Visitor management

VisitUs provides a customisable visitor management system which is designed to simplify the sign-in process and track every person in attendance on site.

When a visitor arrives, they enter their details into the iPad kiosk, or scan a QR code to enter their details on their mobile phone.

The system then alerts the right member of staff that their guest has arrived. Guests can also pre-register for a visit and sign any documents required or complete a site induction.

When they leave, the guest can be prompted to sign out via SMS, or the host can sign them out on their behalf.

Employee management

The VisitUs system can also act as a digital sign-in and sign-out board for employees, and track the time they spend in the workplace.

Staff can interact with the VisitUs system in four different ways: on the iPad terminal, via QR codes positioned around the workplace, using the VisitUs mobile app, or by signing into the web browser where they can search their name to sign-in or sign-out of the workplace.

An SMS with a link can also be sent to staff member reminding them to sign out to ensure accurate reporting.

Information about staff attendance is then compiled into detailed reports where the organization can view details on each staff member including the total time on site.

Late arrivals can be flagged in the system and included in the reporting output.

Contactless sign-in

Contactless sign-in is facilitated by QR codes that can be generated on the iPad kiosk. Visitors or staff simply scan these codes to open a URL on their smart phone where they can input their check-in details.

The contactless mode can then print a badge for the visitor on a printer by scanning the further QR Code generated at the completion of the mobile check-in process.


When a guest checks in to see someone specific the host can be instantly alerted, with notifications of a guest’s arrival sent via email, SMS, Slack message, or within the mobile app.

When they leave, the guest can be sent a message reminding them to sign out or the host can sign them out on their behalf.

Document signing

Documents, such as non-disclosure agreements, can be viewed and signed at check-in or prior to arrival.

The visitor’s signature, along with a time and date stamp is then embedded in the document and kept on record.

In the case of pre-signing, a link to a portal is sent to the guest where they can view the document and sign it prior to arriving on site.

VisitUs also offers the ability to play a video briefing the guest on site safety requirements at the check-in or prior to arrival.

Pre-registration and repeat visitors

Visitors can be pre-registered in the system and directed to a unique portal to view and sign any required documents or induction information prior to their arrival.

Their visit can also be scheduled, and their induction information is tracked to ensure it has been completed. Once complete, the visitor is sent a personal QR code which they present to the tablet on arrival.

Visitors and contractors can receive a unique QR code for return visits or enter their mobile number to retrieve their information.


Employees can be instantly alerted when a parcel arrives using the VisitUs delivery feature.

The feature allows couriers to log a delivery into the iPad interface when they arrive, and an email, SMS or push notification is instantly sent to the recipient notifying them that their parcel is waiting for them.

A signature of receipt can also be recorded on the iPad or in the mobile app, which then allows for detailed reporting that displays who a delivery was for, along with when and where it took place.

If the item is not picked up, further reminder messages can be sent to the recipient.

Evacuation management

The VisitUs evacuation management feature allows all visitors and staff onsite to be notified of an emergency evacuation via an SMS triggered by the software dashboard or the mobile app.

Evacuees can then respond indicating they are safe, and the system will update an evacuation list in real time.

Safety personnel can also see exactly where people are during an emergency and, if someone reports that they are in need of assistance, first aiders are automatically notified via SMS.

Covid screening

The software has features available to cater to Covid screening and contact tracing. Customized questionnaires can be created to ask people whether they have recently been sick or overseas, and a temperature check can be requested.

If someone ‘fails’ the induction questionnaire, a member of the organization’s safety team can be instantly notified by SMS, so they can manage the situation and mitigate any risk.

Meanwhile, an organization can quickly and easily create a contact tracing report of everyone who was on site the day of a suspected case.


The VisitUs Reception interface can be customized to display logos and images with information or advertising.

organizations can also tailor the entire check-in process to their needs by creating custom fields, drop-downs, and checkboxes.

They can ask different questions depending on the visitor type, create comprehensive multiple-choice questionnaires, and offer translation in 18 different languages.

Photo ID

VisitUs offers the ability to ask for a photo of the visitor which can then be used on their badge. This feature is enabled in the software dashboard and can be applied to specific visitors, all visitors, or certain visitor types.

The picture is then taken on the sign-in iPad.

The mobile app

Suited to Android smart phones and iPhones, the VisitUs mobile app can be downloaded and used by members of staff.

The app allows them to quickly sign in and out of the workplace using QR codes, and also enables them to receive push notifications and alerts about a guest’s arrival, a delivery or an emergency.

Users with higher access (such as administrators and safety personnel) can also use the app in the event of an emergency to ascertain who exactly is on site, send out an evacuation alert and mark a virtual roll.

Web browser dashboard

The dashboard is where an organization sets up their iPad software, customizes it and generates reports.

This dashboard allows has simple to use prompts where administrators can input hosts, add visitor types, set sign-in requirements, and create the unique portal where documents that need to be signed are housed.

Staff can also access a part of this interface to sign-in and out of the workplace from a desktop computer or mobile browser.


VisitUs allows for the creation of reports via the web dashboard. These can be customized and exported into a spreadsheet for further analysis.

VisitUs notes these reports are designed to help an organization forecast trends, review visitor feedback and complete important compliance checks.

They are fully customizable, and include features such as:

  • Staff time and attendance reporting
  • Visitor and contractor reports, including when they arrived, and the total amount of time spent on site
  • The ability to download signed non-disclosure agreements and documents with ease
  • Trend analysis of the busiest day and time of the week

The ability to export into Excel friendly CSV file

Hardware and Software requirements

VisitUs Reception is suited to iPads running iPadOS 12 or later, and the software can be downloaded directly from the app store.

Meanwhile the web interface can be accessed from any suitable browser, and the mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices.

Further hardware required includes a compatible label printer to print ID badges and a suitable stand to house the iPad.

VisitUs recommends the Brother QL820 label printer, and you can view our range of stands suited to VisitUs Reception here.


VisitUs integrates with commonly used workplace software such as Outlook and Gmail calendars, Microsoft Active Directory, and Zapier, which taps into a further 2000-plus common workflows.

Meanwhile, the VisitUs public API and webhooks can be used to automate internal processes and further enhance the efficiency in the workplace. Check out their full list of integrations here.

Customer Support

VisitUs has dedicated offices in the US, Australia and the UK. They also provide an online knowledge base, and guides to assist with set-up, troubleshooting, and support.

You can learn more about VisitUs Reception here, or view our range of tablet stands suited to iPads here.


Visitus is the perfect solution for businesses looking to streamline their visitor management process. With its easy-to-use interface, custom forms, appointment scheduling, and real-time visitor tracking, Visitus makes managing visitors a breeze. Plus, its advanced security features like photo ID verification and digital signature capture ensure that your office is always secure. And with the Visitus mobile app, you can manage visitors on the go, so you’re always in the know.

If you’re tired of clunky and outdated visitor management systems, give Visitus a try. It’s a game-changer for any business looking to streamline their check-in process and keep track of their visitors. Upgrade your front desk operations with Visitus today and see the difference it can make for your business.

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