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Sine Visitor Management

Used by major businesses across the globe, Sine is a paperless visitor management system that allows guests to check into a site using designated iPad kiosks or their cell phones.

The Cloud based software also offers features like pre-registration, ID badge printing and facial recognition to facilitate a smooth and seamless visitor registration experience that enhances a site’s security, and workplace health and safety compliance.


  • Simple check-in using iPad kiosks or QR codes and an app
  • Geofencing
  • Instant notifications
  • Pre-screening
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Pre-registration
  • Compliance
  • Badge printing
  • iPad facial recognition

Who can use it?

Sine caters to businesses of all sizes across all industries.

Sectors the software is targeted to include: automotive, construction, education, facilities management, energy and utilities providers, government organizations, not-for-profits, health and aged care, hospitality, logistics and supply chain companies, and primary industries.

The software is available at different price points, depending on the size and scope of an operation.

Packages range from small operations handling up to 25 check-ins a day up to large organizations with around 150 check-ins a day or complex enterprise operations with multiple locations.

How it works

Sine offers employees, contractors and guests a paperless way to check into an organization.

Visitors can check in via iPad kiosks with the software installed or using an app that they can download on their smartphone.

Check-in can also be completed via reception staff using the web-based dashboard where they manually enter a guest’s details.

Sine has also developed a range of contactless solutions, including QR code check-in and geofencing to allow check-in to be contactless.

Meanwhile, all visitor information captured is sent directly to a dashboard where organizations can monitor who is on site and ensure compliance with any terms and conditions that need to be met, such as guest pre-screening, document signing, licensing, or vaccination.

The software also has the ability to capture photo ID and connects with compatible label printers to instantly print out visitor or staff badges.

Visitor check-in

When a guest is attending a site, they can check-in via three means:

  • A custom branded iPad where they enter their details
  • Using the Sine mobile app, which is suited to Apple and Android devices
  • A web-based dashboard where reception staff check in the guest manually by entering their details

During check-in, the iPad software has the ability to capture photo ID on the SinePoint Pro app, and badges can instantly be printed. It also has a facial recognition feature.

Meanwhile, organizations using the mobile app have the opportunity to set up a geofence around the virtual perimeter of their site, which allows repeat visitors to check in and out swiftly on their cell phones.

With the geofencing option, an SMS notification is instantly sent to the relevant person within an organization, and they can accept or reject the mobile check-in using custom messages.

Sine has also developed contactless check-in options, where QR codes are generated on the iPad and check-ins are then completed on the guest’s mobile phone.


During check-in, compliance is also catered to. The software can be set up to automatically trigger and display any relevant non-disclosure agreements, fire evacuation diagrams or health and safety processes that visitors need to view and confirm to check-in or check-out across all devices.

The software then provides the further ability to create checklists for guests attending a site. This helps with contractors undertaking inspections.

Guests can then be asked to confirm actions, such as whether they have returned keys. They can also be prompted to file incident reports when something goes wrong, and view exit instructions related to the site.

Instant notifications

A major feature of Sine is its instant notifications. The software allows the relevant person within an organization to be alerted when a guest arrives.

They can choose to automatically accept or reject these guests or send them a custom message.

Calendars can be integrated into the software, so meeting requests can be made, and visitors can be instantly added to the front desk list.


Sine offers organizations the ability to create watchlists where they flag either VIPs who require special treatment, or people who are not allowed entry to the premises.

When a watch-listed visitor checks in, a notification is sent to the selected host and an approved staff watcher, alerting them of the guest’s arrival.


Should something happen while a guest is on site, such as a fire drill, the software can be set up to automatically alert every person at the venue.

Live evacuation lists of all site attendees can then be printed or emailed.

Workplace inductions and pre-screening

Workplace inductions are also catered to, if required. In this instance Sine will set up a branded landing page.

Attendees are then invited via email to visit this landing page, complete the induction or sign any relevant documentation prior to their arrival.


Geofencing allows the organization to establish a virtual perimeter around the site. Working in conjunction with mobile app, it sees a trigger sent to the guest when they enter the premises, prompting the visitor to check-in.

An alert is then sent to the relevant staff member or host, alerting them a guest or contractor has arrived. They can choose to accept or reject this guest and can message them.


Sine can be connected to a badge printer that allows identification badges to be quickly generated for staff or visitors.

Badges can be created from any device, including Sine iPads and cell phones, and multiple badge printers can be installed at a location, while guests can also pre-print their badge before arrival.

These badges then have the option of including features like photo ID, a company logo, site detail, customisable text area, QR codes, and multiple visitor types.

Facial recognition

Sine Face Check is a feature that allows staff or regular visitors to opt in to add their facial recognition details.

This feature is triggered when their photo is captured for the first time and is designed to make check-in and out faster and more secure.

Staff or guests then simply show their face to the camera on the iPad without inputting their details.

Asset management

Should a guest’s visit see them require keys or other assets while on site, the software allows for the generation of QR codes where they check that asset out and then back in again when they depart.

Staff management

Sine might be a visitor management system, but it is also designed to improve staff management.

The software helps provide a safer workplace by monitoring who is on site, including workplace and safety compliance, and also helps track time and attendance of staff members.

The software effectively replaces an attendance log, can track the time staff spend on site for more accurate payroll, and allows for contract tracing of all employees, visitors and contractors.

Covid-19 features

Sine has developed a range of systems that are designed to assist with workplace health and safety in the wake of Covid-19.

This includes pre-screening of all arrivals, including staff, guests and contractors, before they set foot on site, contactless sign-in, contact tracing, and capacity monitoring via the Sine Dashboard.

Multiple languages

Sine supports a lengthy list of languages and is continuing to add more to its software. This allows organizations to cater to multiple languages at one time or set up different kiosks in different locations that are language specific to that area.

In the case of multinational organizations, the software can switch between languages or be set up to offer a specific language to a specific guest.

The Sine Dashboard

The Sine Dashboard is where all data about site visitors resides. Located in the Cloud, it allows authorised managers to sign in and view exactly who is on what site at what time.

This dashboard is also where workflows can be created, watchlists created, and parameters set for the different types of guests that frequently visit a site.

All information input into the dashboard instantly updates to the iPad app and mobile apps within minutes.

Reporting and analytics

Sine features a reports page where organizations can view in-depth data drawn from all sites.

This includes:

  • Insights into current, pending, and total check-ins as well as the number of rejected or auto-expired guests.
  • Data from the last 24 hours, 7 days or 31 days
  • Check-in data from specific sites or a set of specific sites
  • Visitor type charts
  • Device type used for check-in (SinePoint Pro app on iPad, the mobile app, or web check-in interface)
  • Check-in trends graph displaying total check-ins per visitor type line graphs, filtered by hourly, daily or weekly.

Data can then be exported via CSV or emailed via reports that are manually or automatically generated and sent to relevant people.

For example, reports can be set up to be generated daily and sent to the required staff member within an organization.


Workflows is a Sine add-on with a focus on compliance. It allows an organization to create checklists or requirements that need to be met prior to a guest, staff member or contractor entering a site.

Workflows facilitates things like inductions, pre-screening questions, incident reporting, and permits.

The tool allows customised forms to be created and shared across sites within minutes. It enables different requirements to be tailored to different visitor types, caters to both iPads and mobile devices, and includes document uploading so that licenses or credentials can be checked.

Hardware and Software requirements

Sine works across a series of hardware including a web-based dashboard suited to desktop or laptop computers, the SinePoint Pro app, which works on iPads and the mobile app which caters to Android and iOS devices.

Sine notes some organizations use the web-based app complemented by mobiles, but generally most of their customers find the iPad kiosk best suits their needs.

The SinePoint Pro app works on a variety of iPad models, including the iPad and iPad Pro, and can be downloaded from the app store.

In addition, users might require additional hardware such as iPad stands, and badge printers.

You can view the range of stands suited to iPads and visitor management here.

When it comes to badge printers, Sine has a range of models available that include features like Bluetooth connectivity for a more stable connection, or colour-printed branded badges.


From team messaging platforms like Slack to event booking systems such as Eventbrite, Sine integrates with a range of other software commonly used by workplaces and venues.

The current list of software integrations encompasses access management software, contractor management, asset management, Wi-Fi access software, Covid-19 temperature checks and more.

Customer Support

Sine provides 24-hour support via their helpdesk where users can access set-up, troubleshooting and configuration guides, along with easy-to-understand videos.

They also offer a Live Chat service where customers can contact a global support team.

Customers can also contact Sine directly by phone on one of the following numbers:

Australia: +61 8 8121 5956
Australia (Free Call): 1800 007 463
New Zealand:  +64 9 887 5531
United Kingdom: +44 20 3868 4676
United States: +1 917 310 3522
Canada:  +1 647 946 5609


Sine is a visitor management software that makes it easy for businesses to check in guests and keep track of who’s on the premises. With Sine, you can easily create custom check-in forms, set up automated notifications, and even track your visitors in real-time. Plus, Sine’s sleek and intuitive interface makes it a breeze to use, even for those who aren’t tech-savvy.

If you’re tired of clunky and outdated visitor management systems, give Sine a try. It’s a game-changer for any business looking to streamline their check-in process and keep track of their visitors. Trust us, you won’t regret it. Give it a spin and see the difference it can make for yourself!

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