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Surveyapp is simple tablet-based software that allows business to custom-build their own surveys to measure customer service and other performance areas of an enterprise. The software is compatible to both iOS and Android, allowing users to quickly download the app to their device and start building surveys immediately. Once installed, the software can also be used should a device be offline, so organizations can continue to capture data even if their internet connection is unavailable.

The software can be deployed on one or multiple devices, enabling organizations to capture data at any or all of their outlets. Surveyapp then offers detailed reports, alerts and real-time data that ensures an organization can quickly spot trends emerging, and take action, or it can automatically assign cases to the staff member responsible.


  • Choice of question types
  • Smiley face based surveys
  • Branding and personalization
  • Ability to tailor questions to respondent’s answers
  • Multi-language capability
  • Intuitive interface
  • Full kiosk mode
  • Auto reply emails
  • Fraudulent response detection
  • Real-time reporting analytics
  • Online, PDF and Excel reports
  • Case management assignment

How it works

To start using Surveyapp, users first download the software to their Android or iOS device.

They can then begin building the survey immediately. Surveys can be custom designed using branding or there are default colors available in the software. Simple smiley surveys are also an included option.

Meanwhile, a range of question types are available, and answers can be measured against metrics like a Net Promoter Score.

Surveys can then be deployed in a kiosk format, or staff can conduct them in person or via phone.

In cases where there is no internet available or a device is offline, Surveyapp continues to record responses and then syncs data when a connection becomes available.


In summary, SurveyApp is a super-cool survey software that makes gathering customer feedback a piece of cake. With its user-friendly platform and customizable survey templates, businesses can easily create and distribute surveys to gather valuable insights.

Plus, with features like real-time reporting, automated email campaigns and integration with popular platforms like Salesforce, SurveyApp makes it easy to analyze and act on customer feedback. And let’s not forget its gamification features, that allows businesses to make surveys more engaging and fun for their customers!

If you’re looking to make your customer feedback process more engaging and fun, give SurveyApp a try.

Head on over to and sign up for a free trial today, you’re gonna love it!

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