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Customer Thermometer Survey Software

Customer Thermometer offers business the opportunity to easily seek feedback from clients or employees within the correspondence they already send or via quick kiosk surveys.

The software allows one-click surveys to be incorporated into emails, ticketing, invoicing, or sent out in a blast. Customers then respond using a choice of pre-set icons to indicate their satisfaction level and can leave comments if they choose.

Importantly, businesses can track who said what rather than dealing with anonymous data while unhappy feedback can be directed straight to the relevant manager who can then deal with the issue in real time.


  • Easy and customised survey creation
  • Email and CRM integration
  • Kiosk surveys
  • One-click customer responses
  • Immediate feedback logging
  • Extensive reporting and analytics

How it works

Using a simple survey builder, businesses can make their feedback survey completely unique to them by customising their icons and landing page.

The software then offers four ways to seek feedback from clientele. Businesses can:

  • Embed the feedback icons into the emails they already send to staff or customers via their CRM, helpdesk or ticketing platform
  • Embed the icons into signature fields of emails
  • Send a one-click survey out in an email blast. This can be sent directly to a list of contacts or automated to send using Customer Thermometer’s API.
  • Seek mobile feedback with an iPad set up as a feedback kiosk at events, tech walk-up bars, in-store etc

Meanwhile, seeking feedback can be specific to an individual, team or department, or rolled out across an entire organisation.

A key attribute of the software is that it does not require customers to navigate to a new landing page or undertake a lengthy survey to offer their feedback. Their response is recorded automatically, without requiring them to reconfirm their selection.

Once they give a response they are also taken to a branded and customised landing page where they can leave additional feedback including comments, if they wish. This page can include social media icons, product advertising, and site linkbacks.

All landing pages are also designed to be mobile friendly, and customers can also be directed to third-party review areas such as Google to increase the capture of customer reviews.


Customer Thermometer features a suite of reports straight out of the box.

In a dashboard known as Mission Control, it offers aggregated views of all feedback in real time, while businesses can also then drill down into individual responses, different feedback gathering campaigns, the staff member involved in a transaction, set targets, leader boards etc.

A major focus of the software is to allow business to act on the feedback they receive. Feedback can be automatically allocated to managers who are alerted through emails or workflow and task management software integrations such as Slack.


In summary, Customer Thermometer is a survey software that helps businesses get real-time feedback from their customers. With its unique one-click survey feature, customers can quickly and easily share their thoughts, and businesses can use the data to make informed decisions and improve their customer service.

Plus, with the ability to track and measure customer satisfaction over time, businesses can easily identify areas for improvement.

If you’re looking to take your customer feedback game to the next level, give Customer Thermometer a try.

Sign up for a free trial at today and see the difference real-time customer feedback can make.

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