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As a leading provider of tablet stands and mounts, We are constantly wanting to partner with companies seeking innovative ways to transform the retail landscape. Our latest partnership with Herman Miller, a renowned furniture manufacturer, has exemplified how interactive technology can revolutionize the shopping experience. By seamlessly integrating our cutting-edge tablet stands into their stores, Herman Miller has elevated customer engagement and empowered their staff, resulting in a cutting-edge retail experience.

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Bosstab Tablet Stands at Herman Miller

Take a look inside the Dallas, TX Herman Miller retail store featuring Bosstab tablet stands.

The brief

Herman Miller recognized the need for a transformative solution in their stores, one that would captivate customers and enhance their shopping experience. They understood that simply displaying their furniture wasn’t enough; they wanted customers to truly immerse themselves in the products, understand their unique features, and feel confident in their purchase decisions. That’s when the idea of installing interactive tablet stands took root. By combining the physical comfort of sitting on their chairs with the digital power of tablets, Herman Miller created an innovative approach that seamlessly blended the best of both worlds. It’s a testament to their commitment to excellence and their drive to provide an exceptional experience for every customer who walks through their doors.

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“We’re listening to our customer base and continuing to expand our network of retail locations to ensure everyone can receive guidance and support to create their ideal workspace.”


– Debbie Propst, President of Global Retail for MillerKnoll

Our solution

Herman Miller had a stroke of brilliance when they came up with the concept of installing interactive tablet stands in their stores. Picture this: you take a seat in one of their inviting chairs, and right in front of you is a sleek tablet stand. With a simple touch, you’re instantly immersed in a world of features, colors, and materials. It’s like going on an exciting adventure while comfortably seated. By combining the tactile experience of sitting in their furniture with the interactive power of tablets, Herman Miller created a unique and engaging shopping journey. It’s a game-changer that puts you in control and helps you make informed decisions.

The result

Implementing Bosstab’s tablet stands has yielded exceptional results for Herman Miller. The interactive shopping experience provided by our stands has captivated customers, encouraging them to spend more time exploring the products and immersing themselves in the brand’s story. The Touch Evo X Freestanding, with its adjustable angle feature, has made it effortless for customers to interact with the tablets and delve into the intricacies of each product.

Moreover, the integration of the Touch Nexus at the point-of-sale has streamlined the purchasing process, enabling sales associates to effortlessly showcase additional product options, handle transactions, and access real-time inventory information. This efficiency has led to improved customer satisfaction, reduced waiting times, and increased staff productivity.

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The takeaway

Herman Miller’s collaboration with Bosstab has proven to be a game-changer in the retail industry. By leveraging the power of interactive technology, they have succeeded in creating an immersive and captivating shopping experience that resonates with their customers. The intuitive design and functionality of Bosstab’s tablet stands have provided a seamless bridge between the physical and digital realms, allowing customers to engage with Herman Miller’s products in a meaningful way.

Furthermore, the implementation of Bosstab’s tablet stands has empowered Herman Miller’s sales team, arming them with valuable product information and enhancing their ability to deliver personalized assistance. By combining the expertise of their staff with the innovative capabilities of our tablet stands, Herman Miller has cultivated a shopping environment that fosters trust, builds customer loyalty, and drives sales.

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