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The brief

As a tech-based company, naturally, Masterminds Studio wanted a tablet that felt seamless among all their incredible technology. Masterminds Studio uses tablets in public spaces as control interfaces. As their tablets are out amongst it, they needed enclosures that were lockable and keyed-alike so that anyone who needed to unlock a tablet could, with a single key.

It was important for Masterminds Studios that their tablets looked ultra-sleek and professional. In their environment, small details like rounded corners and paintable surfaces would make all the difference.

Our solution

Masterminds Studio, meet the Elite wall mount.

This product was able to fit the brief for Masterminds Studio and help them increase their productivity. The perfect solution for both functionality and aesthetics. With a secure, key lockable enclosure, the Elite wall mount offers Masterminds Studio flexibility and security in their tablets.

With custom branded solutions, super fast shipping and reliable customer support, Bosstab was Masterminds Studio’s ultimate solution.

The result

Before Masterminds Studio started using Bosstab, they were spending hours 3D printing their own enclosures for their tablets. They’d then have to create custom locking mechanisms for each tablet. They often had to resort to installing enclosures from other brands, which were not made to last and had to be replaced often.

Through using Bosstab, Masterminds have stopped worrying about a solution for their tablets and have been able to focus more time on doing what they do best. With custom branded solutions, super fast shipping and reliable customer support, Bosstab was Masterminds Studio’s ultimate solution.

The takeaway

In the tech space, you don’t want the small stuff to slow you down. The smallest details can really make a world of difference. You need a seamless solution that can WOW your clients from the moment they enter to the moment they leave.

At Bosstab, we love working with other tech-based businesses to help them find their ultimate solution. We don’t think you should ever have to sacrifice aesthetics or quality. Working with Masterminds Studio gave us the opportunity to find a creative way to help them overcome a hurdle. And it’s so exciting to see the result.

Keep an eye on Masterminds Studio. They’re doing some pretty incredible things.

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