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Atlas transforms Southeast Asia’s restaurant industry, serving as the go-to operating system for dining spots. Notable names like SaladStop, The Coconut Club, and Guzman y Gomez benefit from Atlas, streamlining their operations while drawing on the expertise of Grain, Accenture, Microsoft, and Y Combinator.

Restaurants using Atlas enjoy unified sales channels, eradicating device clutter and enabling seamless operations. It aids financial reconciliation, empowers customer identification and rewards, fostering enhanced customer retention. Beyond mere optimization, Atlas fundamentally revolutionizes the restaurant experience with its comprehensive solution.

Put simply, we bring together everything that’s required to help you run and scale a successful restaurant.

The brief

With a roster including esteemed restaurants like SaladStop, The Coconut Club, and Guzman y Gomez, Atlas sought a holistic solution that would seamlessly integrate into diverse restaurant settings. The objective was clear: simplify operations, merge data streams, and enhance customer interaction. Enter Bosstab—a solution synonymous with minimalistic, durable, and aesthetically pleasing tablet stands, aligning perfectly with Atlas’s vision.


Featured restaurant: Two Men Rice Bar

Featured restaurant: Two Men Rice Bar

Our solution

Bosstab presented Atlas with the Touch Nexus and Touch Gemini products, embodying a sleek design and robust functionality. These stands not only complemented various restaurant environments but also offered seamless cable management, a critical feature for clutter-free setups.

Featured restaurant: A Hot Hideout

Featured restaurant: Gyushi

The result

Choosing Bosstab over other contenders proved pivotal for Atlas. Unlike lengthy lead times often associated with international orders, Bosstab’s local presence in Singapore ensured swift delivery, reducing wait times from 6-8 weeks to a fraction of that duration. The reliability, aesthetic appeal, and efficient customer service stood out in contrast to other options, elevating the overall experience for Atlas.

Featured restaurant: Now Pizza

Featured restaurant: Now Pizza

The takeaway

Beyond the immediate benefits, Bosstab’s stands offered versatility suitable for diverse use cases, seamlessly integrating into various restaurant settings. From elegant fine dining establishments to vibrant quick-service eateries, the Touch Nexus and Touch Gemini adapt effortlessly. These stands aren’t just functional; they enhance the ambiance and modernity of any restaurant’s aesthetics.

Atlas has firmly established its presence in both Singapore and Hong Kong. With Bosstab’s support, their expansion plans align seamlessly, promising expedited and reliable hardware deployment in these key locations.

In a world where seamless integration and efficiency are paramount, Bosstab has emerged as a beacon of reliability and sophistication. Atlas’s partnership with Bosstab epitomizes the modern restaurant’s need for not just functional but stylish and adaptable hardware solutions. As restaurants embrace technology, Bosstab stands ready, offering sleek, durable, and adaptable stands to elevate operations and aesthetics alike.


Click here to find out more about Atlas.

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