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Physical security

In the world of shoplifting, tablets are among the most sought-after items for theft. Relatively easy to conceal and offering a high return on the black market they make a natural target for theft.

But it’s not just new tablets in a retail environment that are stolen by opportunists. Make no mistake, your business tablets can also subject to theft, especially in areas where they are used unsupervised like hotel rooms.

Meanwhile, using a tablet in the workplace is far different from using a tablet at home. Due to the busy commercial environment they’re also more likely to incur wear and tear, with staff often having less investment in their longevity or care.

So how can you mitigate the risk of theft or damage?

the importance of tablet security 1

Secure tablet enclosures and stands

Designed to protect the tablet from both damage and theft, secure tablet enclosures and stands allow you to lock the tablet in a heavy-duty enclosure then secure it to a wall, desktop or floor stand. They also feature a faceplate that helps protect the device from damage in commercial environments.

The best stands and enclosures are made from commercial-grade materials like steel, offer access for charging, and concealment of relevant chords, while some also allow the tablet to be removed from its base, so the device can also be mobile.

In addition to offering security, these stands and enclosures also allow for pure functionality that ensures your tablet can be easily used as a POS, kiosk or digital display.

Meanwhile, they help protect a valuable investment and also serve to improve the customer experience by offering a professional and streamlined installation option that allows a tablet to blend in yet be functional within any business environment.

the importance of tablet security 2

Top features to look for

• Lockable enclosure
• Access for maintenance or to change devices
• Charging access point
• Durability (materials like steel, heavy duty plastics etc)
• Chord channeling to keep charging chords out of sight
• Rotation, swivel, or screen angle adjustment
• Durable mounting options (wall mounting, desktop mounting, or floor stand)
• Warranty and replacement parts

Cyber security

Of course, in the digital age, the security of any device isn’t just about protecting the physical item. It’s also about minimizing the risk of hacking and cyber threats.

That means antivirus software should be considered a necessity in any commercial environment. The good news is there is a wealth of renowned antivirus software available to help protect both your data and that of your valued customers.

the importance of tablet security 3

The final word

If you are already using or considering implementing tablets as a tool in your workplace, it pays to consider their security from the outset.

Although they often cost less than conventional PCs or laptops, tablets are subject to theft, they can and do get damaged, and this can quickly add up to impact both your bottom line and staff or client experience.

The Bosstab Fusion range has been designed with workplace security in mind. You can learn more about these commercial-grade enclosures and stands for all manner of workplaces here.

We understand that you can never be too safe with securing your tablets in the workplace. For an added measure of security purchase a Cable Lock, made from a coiled galvanized steel cable and coated in a durable and soft to touch plastic coating.

the importance of tablet security 4
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