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What is a floor stand?

As the name suggests, a floor stand is a freestanding pole with a base that sits on the floor. This base can also be screwed to the floor for additional security.

The upper part of the floor stand pole then attaches to a compatible tablet enclosure to create a streamlined kiosk.

And there are various upper pole options to accommodate the different ways a tablet might be used.

These include:

  • The Evo upper pole – which is fixed at a 45-degree angle, and
  • The Evo X upper pole – which allows the tablet enclosure to tilt to different angles, and swivel between landscape and portrait mode

Device cables can then be channeled through the stand, so your tablet remains charged.

floor stand kiosk 1

Floor stand kiosk benefits

There are numerous benefits to using a floor stand, including its compact nature, portability, easy set-up, and the streamlined look the kiosk provides.

Essentially, a floor stand allows your device to be positioned anywhere, which makes it ideal for pop-up events or conventions.

It also allows you to set up your kiosk, POS, or check-in without needing a counter and fixing the tablet enclosure to the wall.

It takes up minimal space and is easy to assemble and dissemble in the process. For example, the Evo floor stand comprises only three pieces that quickly fit together.

These pieces include the baseplate, the lower pole which screws into the baseplate, and the upper pole with the enclosure mount.

The tablet and enclosure fit neatly into the top of the pole, and the kiosk is ready to use.

If it’s to be a more permanent fixture in a venue, the base plate can be screwed to the floor using four screws.

The charging cable then runs down from the enclosure through the pole to the floor, where it can be channeled to the nearest power supply.

Meanwhile, the stand is molded metal with a durable powder coat finish.

Once assembled, the stand is the perfect height for use at 1m high, while the 30cm x 30cm base plate weighs in at 3.8kg, meaning it’s light enough to be portable but heavy enough to sit securely on the floor without risk of tipping.

floor stand kiosk 3

Who uses floor stands?

Floor stands can be used in various commercial settings, including hospitality, government agencies, education, and events.

They are ideal for check-in kiosks, portable displays, loyalty sign-up stations, and so much more, meaning you can find them used in hospitality as a digital menu out the front of a restaurant or mPOS terminal for inputting orders, in business as a visitor sign-in station, and at events as a portable digital display or information kiosk.

Compatible enclosures

The Evo floor stand is compatible with a range of different enclosures, allowing you to accommodate any device on the market.

They include:

The Elite – The Elite tablet enclosure is lockable, offering high security and durability in a sleek and stylish casing. This tablet holder is versatile in any retail, hospitality or business environment.

It is suited to a range of tablet models including most Apple, Samsung and Surface devices. You can check its compatibility with your device here.

The Touch – The Touch universal tablet case has been carefully designed to securely display your tablet without any case, clamps or cables needed.

As a universal tablet case, it accommodates any device.

The Edge – The Edge iPad case features a unique clamp-based design that includes a simple security lock release option.

This case is designed for the 10.2″ iPad.

You can learn more about the Evo floor stand, including product specifications and an assembly guide here. Alternatively, contact the Bosstab team and we can help you with any queries you may have about which stand and which tablet cases are right for you.

floor stand kiosk 2
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