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Pure business pedigree

Since the first iPads rolled out in 2010, business has seized on the potential of this compact high-powered device.

Early adopters included retail, hospitality and even the aviation sectors, which harnessed the mobility of the device to replace legacy Points of Sale and reams of paperwork.

Now, more than 70,500 businesses globally are estimated to use iPads, while in 2016 it was noted iPad customers were increasingly corporations, governments and the education sectors.

So, with that in mind, what are the best business iPads of 2021?

iPad 8th generation

The 8th generation iPad is the most recent incarnation of Apple’s original iPad.

Now available with a 10.2-inch screen, it packs a whole lot of power and functionality into one affordable package and offers the perfect solution for a host of business tasks.

Areas the standard iPad is commonly deployed include mobile Point of Sale in retail and hospitality, information kiosks, visitor check-in, and more.

Due to its compatibility with the Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil, the standard iPad is also suited to working on the go and is an ideal option for virtual meetings.

The 8th generation standard iPad comes complete with Apple’s A12 bionic processor and a choice of either 32GB or 128GB of RAM.

It features an 8MP rear camera, and 1.2MP FaceTime camera, and retails from just US$329.

the best ipads of 2021 ipad

iPad Pro

The latest edition of the iPad Pro was unveiled earlier this year, and as expected, Apple included all the best technology and hardware in their flagship tablet.

This device is targeted specifically at business and offers all the grunt required to undertake even highly intensive creative tasks like graphic design, video editing and more.

That means the iPad Pro is usually found in offices or working remotely for tasks where speed, power and additional storage are required.

It can be used for purposes like mPOS and visitor sign-in but does come with a heftier price tag than either the standard iPad or iPad Air.

The iPad Pro 2021 features of a super-fast chip, great screen resolution and now also offers 5G compatibility, a Thunderbolt port and improved camera array.

It’s available in an 11-inch model (from US$799), and a 12.9-inch version (US$1099).

the best ipads of 2021 pro

iPad Air

The iPad Air sits between the standard iPad and iPad Pro when it comes to a quality design and some neat features into the bargain.

The most recent Air was released in 2020 as the fourth generation of this model and involved a major overhaul of the popular design.

The latest Air has a screen size of 10.9-inches and takes many of its design cues from the iPad Pro while packing some serious power into the new A14 bionic chip that drives it.

Apple notes the inclusion of the A14 chip has resulted in increased power, efficiency and a 40 per cent faster CPU, while the latest model also comes with the welcome addition of USB-C.

In business, this is probably one of the most popular options. It suits an array of tasks ranging from mPOS to information kiosks and visitor sign-in, yet also features the additional power required to make it a viable laptop alternative that’s suited to remote working and more.

In a nutshell, the iPad Air is a worthy alternative to the iPad Pro if you’re seeking a much more budget friendly price tag. It retails from US$599.

the best ipads of 2021 air

iPad Mini

In 2019, Apple revealed the fifth generation of the iPad Mini.

Although not as suited to business use as other iPad models, it does have a place in the business realm for tasks like mPOS, visitor sign-in, mobile order taking and more.

The Mini features a 7.9-inch display and comes with both Apple Pencil support and Touch ID.

Like the standard iPad, it has the A12 bionic chipset and is available with the option of either 64GB or 256GB RAM.

The Mini retails from US$399 for the 64GB model, while the 256GB starts at US$679.

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the best ipads of 2021 mini
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