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Acuvar 57″ Inch Pro Series Tablet Mount

Price: Approximately $25
Brand: Acuvar
Supported Tablets: This stand is suitable for most tablets, including all iPad Tablet models (except for the Pro) & all Galaxy Tab models, etc.

The Acuvar 57″ Pro Series is a tripod tablet mount that is built with a 3-way panhead and tilt motion, along with three aluminum alloy legs. The holder itself can be adjusted to accommodate any tablet or phone that is large enough to be “mini” tablet (aka the “phablet”), from 5.5 to 9.7-inch screens. The height can also be adjustable, ranging from its tallest height, at 57 inches, down to 26 inches, at 10-inch increments.

It’s great for in-store promotions or experiential marketing that involves taking photos, uploading to photo sharing apps like Instagram or using Photobooth, since the tripod-like features help secure the tablet in place.

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handy ipad stands acuvar

The Twist Tablet Stand

Price: Approximately $125
Brand: Bosstab
Supported Tablets: This stand is suitable for most tablets, including all iPad Tablet models and the Pro, all Galaxy Tab models, Lenovo Tab 3 and Surface 3 (but not the Pro 3)

Able to twist, flex and turn, the Twist Stand stands on tables, secured to the base with a smart locking system, and is capable of offering a full range of motion to its users. The stand portion is divided into two components, adjustable through a hinge up to a height of 530mm, while the flex arm itself rotates a full 360°, flipping between portrait and landscape orientation.

This makes it perfect for giving users the opportunity to view videos or use in-store apps, especially simulations.

Installation for the flex arm is quite simple and offers a firm base: Users can drill a 9mm hole in the mounting surface and simply screw the bracket in.

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handy ipad stands twist

The Square iPad Stand

Price: Approximately $169
Brand: Square, Inc.
Supported Tablets: (2017, 2018), iPad Pro 9.7”, or iPad Air (1, 2)

One of the most popular and simple-to-use- customer desktop tablet stands is the “Square Stand”, a stand that allows the iPad to turn into a POS or “point of sale” system. The stand’s features are built in alignment with the user experience so this means it has neat, thoughtful design additions like a swivel base, a security case that keeps it fixed to a counter, a USB hardware hub for additional hardware attachments like a receipt printer, cash drawer, barcode scanner, and more.

These features mean that this single stand can offer the business owner the chance to ring up the transaction, swivel it around and allow the customer or user to pay and complete the transaction.

handy ipad stands square ipad stand

UGREEN Tablet Stand

Price: Approximately $10
Supported Tablets: This stand is suitable for all models of iPads, the Nintendo Switch, the Samsung Tab models, Galaxy S7 Smartphones, e-readers and iPhones

The UGREEN Tablet Stand is a pretty simple design but offers stability and movability for tablets. It features a streamlined “V” shape design with a sleek, chrome finish on the hinges and a base that curls up to keep the tablet, e-reader or gaming device securely held. This curled base also includes a rubber lining for a non-slip grip on surfaces and counters.
The back of the stand can be adjusted to almost any angle, from 0° to 100°. It is lightweight and can be folded flat for added portability, which makes it perfect for pop-up stores that want to use tablets for ordering, trying the product and allowing users to browse lookbooks. It doesn’t require any setup or installation.

handy ipad stands ugreen

axGear Universal Aluminum Holder Stand

Price: Approximately $20
Brand: axGear
Supported Tablets: This stand works with all models of iPads, Kindle e-readers, Galaxy and Samsung tablets and Android tablets

This aluminum holder has a no-fuss, setup-free design that is lightweight, compact and easy to port around. It can be used as a mobile phone or tablet holder, It features soft silicone padding within each connection point for an anti-skid, scratchproof and entirely hands-free viewing experience.

It can hold tablets and smartphones, supporting them horizontally or vertically and its high-quality aluminum alloy with a lowered center of gravity allows for stable positioning on any smooth surface.

handy ipad stands ax gear