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iPad Mini Stands

Browse our stands made specifically for iPad Mini models. Compact and sturdy, they offer convenience and ease for any activity.


The Touch universal tablet holder works with any iPad or Android device. This holder has been carefully designed to securely display your tablet as it was designed. Slim, sleek and unobstructed.
Supported devices

Supported devices


This universal holder supports any device with a flat surface.


Introducing the Gemini range, a versatile collection of tablet stands featuring a unified design with multiple variations. From the dual-display Gemini Dual to the self-service friendly Gemini Self-Service and a tall stand option, each stand offers various holders and compatibility with many tablet devices in lockable and universal mounts.
Supported devices

Supported devices

Elite Holder

iPad 10.9" 10th Gen iPad 10.2" 7th, 8th & 9th Gen iPad Pro 12.9" 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th Gen iPad Pro 9.7" iPad Air 9.7" 2nd Gen Galaxy Tab A7 10.4" Galaxy Tab A8 10.5" Galaxy Tab A9+ 11" Galaxy Tab S7 & S8 11" Galaxy Tab S7+ & S8+ 12.4"

Touch Holder

This universal holder supports any device with a flat surface.

Edge Holder

iPad 10.2" 7th, 8th & 9th Gen


The Twist tablet stand is highly versatile, with a broad range of motion and secure key lock for easy and safe tablet use. Purchase the "Regular" for min tablet size of 9.6" and max size of 12.8". Purchase the "Mini" for min tablet size of 7.7" and max size of 10.8"
Supported devices

Supported devices


Minimum size of 7.7" Maximum size of 10.8"


Minimum size of 9.6" Maximum size of 12.8"

Explore Our Selection of iPad Mini Stands

Dive into our assortment of iPad Mini Stands, each designed to elevate your iPad Mini’s functionality while embracing style and durability. Crafted from premium injection molded plastic and die-cast aluminium, these stands are not just robust; they also boast a sleek design. Perfect for any environment, they blend seamlessly into professional settings and cozy home spaces alike, providing a versatile and stable base for your device.

Built to Last

Our iPad Mini Stands are a testament to our dedication to quality. Engineered with superior materials, these stands are durable and designed for long-term use. To underscore our confidence in their longevity, each stand comes with a 24-month warranty, ensuring your device remains securely positioned for years to come.

Prompt Shipping and Exceptional Customer Support

We prioritize getting your iPad Mini Stand to you swiftly, with most orders dispatched within 24 hours. If you have questions or need assistance, our outstanding support team is available via Livechat, phone, or email. We’re committed to providing you with a smooth and satisfactory shopping experience, from browsing to after-sales support.

Enhancing Your iPad Mini Experience

An iPad Mini Stand is crucial for leveraging the full potential of your device. It optimizes viewing angles for video calls and media consumption, minimizes discomfort, and enhances stability for interactive tasks. Whether you’re drawing, typing, or enjoying your favorite show, our stands transform your iPad Mini usage into a more comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Why Choose Bosstab

When you select a Bosstab iPad Mini Stand, you’re choosing more than just a stand. You’re opting for a product that integrates seamlessly with your daily life, enhancing your device’s functionality without compromising on style or quality. With our commitment to customer satisfaction, fast delivery, and outstanding support, Bosstab stands as the premier choice for enhancing your iPad Mini experience.

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Bosstab warranty

We back our product with a massive 2 year warranty.

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