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The Elite Nexus offers high security and durability in a sleek and stylish casing. Featuring a 4 point lock and a strong coated metal faceplate to protect your iPad or android tablet.
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Supported Apple devices
Supported Apple devices
iPad 10.9'" - 10th Gen
iPad 10.2" - 7th, 8th & 9th Gen
iPad Pro 12.9" - 3rd, 4th & 5th Gen
iPad Pro 9.7" - 2nd Gen
iPad Air 9.7" - 2nd Gen
Supported Samsung Devices
Supported Samsung Devices
Galaxy Tab 10.4" - A7
Galaxy Tab 11" - S7 & S8
Supported Microsoft Devices
Supported Microsoft Devices
Surface Pro 13" - 8 & 9
Recommended Counter Height
Recommended Counter Height
29.53” - 35.43” (75 - 90 cm)
Height: 4.64” (118 mm)
Width: 11.81” (300 mm)
3.97 Ibs (1.80 kg)
Die-cast aluminum with powder coating

Setup Guide

Screw Mount
Freestanding & Adhesive Mount
Optional Extras
01 Line up surface mounting & cable feed
Follow the above locations to line up your surface mounting and cable feed.
02 Drill pilot holes
Drill pilot holes to assist with screw base mounting. Refer to the mounting guide for assistance.
03 Running charger cable
If you are running your charging cable through the surface, ensure to drill a larger hole to feed cable through.
04 Screw down stand
With the cable channel facing out the left hand side of the stand, screw down your stand using the wood screws provided.
05 Screw down case & remove faceplate
Place case back on the stand & screw back in the 4 screws then unlock case and remove faceplate.
06 Place the tablet
Place your tablet in the case & plug in charging cable then put the faceplate back on & lock.
01 Remove the faceplate
Unlock case with keys provided & remove faceplate.
02 Feed & plug the cable
Feed cable through the stand & plug in your tablet while placing it into the case.
03 Place faceplate back
Place faceplate back on & lock. Follow steps 4-6 for adhesive mount instructions.
04 Wipe base & mounting surface
Wipe base of stand & your mounting surface with alcohol wipes provided & let dry.
05 Stick adhesive to base
Stick 3M adhesive to the base of stand & firmly place down on your mounting surface.
06 Let stand sit
Let the stand sit for 24 hours before use.
01 Elite Holder Cable Cutout
Unscrew existing closed cable cutout & install the open cable cutout included with stand.
02 Nexus Pole Position Lock
Rotate stand 45 degrees so cable hole is on the left, then screw in lock screw as shown. This will lock the rotation for a fixed option.
Problems during setup?
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