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The components

Although generally referred to as stands, tablet stands usually incorporate two components: the enclosure that houses the device, and the stand which the enclosure is affixed to. And there a wealth of factors which you need to consider when selecting both.


If you’re using a tablet in a commercial setting, durability is a must. You are looking for an enclosure and stand that will protect your device from the rigors of day-day-day use but still allow it to be charged, accessible and removable for replacement or upgrade if required.

Materials used in the enclosure should be heavy-duty, and the enclosure should fit snugly around the device.

Meanwhile, if the base is to be freestanding, ensure it is sufficiently weighted to stop the device tipping or falling. If it’s to be freestanding on a countertop, also consider the quality of the base and whether it will allow the device to sit firmly on the counter.

In some environments you may wish to affix a tablet stand to the countertop, wall or the floor, and you will need to consider whether the stand or enclosure has screw holes and mountings to accommodate this installation.

consider when buying tablet stand counter mounted ipad


Make no mistake, devices can and do get stolen even in busy commercial environments. The enclosure should be lockable to stop thieves accessing the tablet, while the stand should be secured to the enclosure to thwart any attempts at enclosure removal.

When it comes to locking the enclosure, it pays to consider whether you want one key to access numerous devices, or whether separate keys for separate enclosures are preferred.


These days tablets come in a range of dimensions, (even popular iPads are now available in four different sizes).

There are a couple of options available when it comes to selecting the right sized tablet stand and enclosure.

You can find an enclosure that specifically suits a tablet’s dimensions, (at Bosstab, we have Fusion enclosures to suit all the most common tablet sizes) or you can opt for a universal stand that can be easily adjusted to suit different sized devices.

If you’re in a high traffic commercial environment where the tablet is to be used as a Point of Sale, order pad, or information kiosk, a specifically sized enclosure is the recommended option.


The look and feel of your tablet enclosure and stand is just as important as its functionality, particularly when the tablet is to be ‘on display’ in a retail, customer service or hospitality environment.

Simple, streamlined and inconspicuous are the main factors most businesses seek, in either black or white to blend into and compliment the surrounding décor.

consider when buying tablet stand floor mounted ipad stand


When it comes to selecting the stand to accompany the tablet enclosure, height Is the primary factor that needs to be considered.

Will your staff be accessing the device on a counter? Will customers be accessing the tablet while standing? Or is this to be a wall-mounted tablet positioned at eye level? Consider where and how your tablet will be accessed and the height that will best comfortably suit the purpose.

Whether it’s a countertop ordering pad, a desktop information kiosk or a freestanding digital signage display, Bosstab has stands available in different heights to accommodate a wide variety of uses.


In some cases, a fixed enclosure and stand will suffice, but in other instances the environment might require greater flexibility.

For example, you might want the device to rotate between portrait and landscape mode, to swivel between two users at the same retail counter, or to flip between two users on opposing sides of a counter.

You might also need the stand to be flexible so you can move it up and down or side to side at will. If you’re using the tablet in a boardroom you might want the stand to be able to be movable and rotatable.

Consider how your stand will be used in the busy day-to-day environment of your workplace, and then select the option that best suits your needs.


In most cases you are also going to require the tablet stays charged throughout the course of the business day or evening. So how do you manage those cables?

With the Bosstab Fusion enclosure and stands you can often configure your stand to keep all cables hidden internally.

If you’re using a pole you can either run it out the bottom of the base through the mounting surface or you can run it along the top of the surface.

About Bosstab

Bosstab is a leading supplier of tablet enclosures and stands designed for commercial environments. Since we first started in 2015, the company has quickly evolved to support business globally with versatile, durable and secure tablet stands that are built to accommodate the digital age.

Our tablets are used in commercial setting including retail, hotels and hospitality, airports, educational institutions, government and business.

consider when buying tablet stand ipad wall mount
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