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Whatever workplace you’re in, new staff require induction to ensure they’re educated in the ethos of your business, safety, and the work that’s actually involved.

In years gone by induction generally involved issuing a folder of information or physically talking with the new staff members. But with technology comes greater tools and interactivity.

With a mobile tablet like an iPad, you can design a full induction program, and better yet have new staff interact with it, answering questionnaires. In the interim, you can showcase work practices as video explainers, or have staff liaise with a trainer via video conferencing.

By digitising your induction and delivering it on an iPad, you ensure a consistent program is rolled out across an organisation.

training your staff with an ipad 2

Sales training

The sheer versatility of the iPad makes it ideal for sales training. Not only can you easily give all sales associates access to scripts and product information, you can also harness tools like video to illustrate sales techniques and use video conferencing for role play.

Meanwhile, a whole range of sales training apps are readily available to enhance staff knowledge on different selling techniques.

Meanwhile, you can also devise your own sales training materials using iPad’s native apps like Keynote.

Occupational Health and Safety

If there’s one thing that’s unavoidable in business, it’s the constant revision and alteration to occupational health and safety materials.

With each new year come new laws and protocols that staff need to understand and be abreast of.

iPads are an excellent tool to ensure OH&S compliance. They can potentially save you a mountain of paper wastage, while also allowing you to easily update your materials and distribute them electronically.

A host of apps are also available to accommodate the trend, including some which ensure staff have relevant licenses and sign off on the training completed.

Product catalogues

Chances are your product catalogues are updated and changed regularly, and with those updates comes the need to educate staff.

The great thing about deploying product catalogues on a tool like the iPad is that it’s easy to reference for your staff, and the information you can offer abut a product is almost limitless.

You can showcase a product in action via video, you can have key points included along with pictures, you can even step staff through the manufacturing process with pictures or video so when they’re asked a question by a customer, they have the answer they need.

Process and procedure

Meanwhile, staff training doesn’t have to be a static task that occurs at set intervals. It can also be ongoing and facilitated through task management software or customer relationship management (CRM) software delivered on an iPad.

Much of this software has processes and procedures built in, so basically it continually walks staff through all the steps involved in a task.

This ensures consistency across product and service delivery, helping improve the customer experience and the reputation of your brand.

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Software suggestions

There’s a wealth of training software available for iPads that encompasses everything from CRMs to task managers, induction software and courses.

Some of the top suggestions include:

• Keynote – For digital presentations and slideshows.

• Thinkific – A course creation platform that can be divided into modules for staff training delivery.

• GoCanvas – An on-the-job induction training app featuring checklists for tracking the required health and safety training.

• Trainual – An app that brings processes, policies, and procedures together to make it easier onboard staff.

• Process Street – Provides businesses with a streamlined, non-technical way to manage recurring workflows.

• Absorb LMS – Learning management software for training internal employees and external customers.

• Velpic – Training software that caters to documents, video and 3D video lessons on a Virtual Reality (VR) viewer.

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