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The role of a tablet stand

Featured image: Touch Evo Freestanding Tablet Stand

Regardless of what tablet you select, your tablet stand is the finishing touch that offers security while allowing the tablet to be functional.

It should be tough enough to stand up to day-to-day use, have design features such as tilt, angle or height that allow it to be functional, and should also offer aesthetics that complement the business environment you’re looking to create.

top 5 premium tablet stands 1

Features to consider

  • Durability – Will your tablet be used in a way that’s likely to see it take a few knocks, will it be handled by multiple staff or perhaps even be customer facing? Premium tablet stands are durable and feature high-grade commercial materials like steel and ABS plastic. These serve to protect the tablet from the rigors of daily use.
  • Security – Depending on where and how your tablet is to be used, security might be a major priority. You might require the tablet stand to be bolted into position, while the faceplate should be lockable to protect the tablet from theft.
  • Ergonomics – Do you want your tablet to swivel, pivot, flip from portrait to landscape or accommodate different angles in order for it to be functional? Consider how your staff or customers will use the tablet, then look for ergonomic and functional features that assist.
  • Mounting and stands – Tablets can be mounted in a whole host of different ways, with a variety of stand types available. Again, the option you select depends upon how your tablet will be used. In some instances, the tablet will be wall mounted, on others a freestanding floor stand is a better option, while in further instances the tablet will need a stand that allows it to be mounted to a countertop.
  • Mobile – Are there occasions when your tablet will need to be mobile, such as mobile Point of Sale? In that case, you’ll need a stand that either allows you to quickly remove the tablet from its case or enables you to pick up the tablet within its protective enclosure.
  • Colour and look – Your tablet stand should complement the look and feel of your business environment. Tablet stands are available in a range of colours and styles to provide an aesthetic that best suits our business fit out.

Bosstab’s top five premium tablet stands

1. Elite Nexus

The Elite Nexus is sleek, stylish and highly secure. Offering a minimal frame, the Nexus is ideally suited to any commercial environment, and features a lockable faceplate to secure your device along with internal cable management.

The Nexus stand is equally suited to desk or countertop use, can be installed in either portrait or landscape and includes a 180-degree swivel function, which you can lock if it’s not required. Alternatively, the Nexus can also be wall mounted in portrait or landscape mode.

top 5 premium tablet stands 2

2. Elite Evo

The Elite Evo makes the list due to its high-end security and ultimate mobility.

Offering a strong yet minimal frame with lockable faceplate, it features internal cable management and a freestanding design that allows your device to be positioned where required.

The Evo Freestanding stand rotates between portrait and landscape mode, and also features a 40-degree tilt for an adjustable ergonomic design.

top 5 premium tablet stands 3

3. Touch Nexus

If you’re after a stand that’s slim, sleek and versatile, the Touch Nexus tablet is one of the top choices.

This stand is designed to secure your device directly to the swivel base using 3M adhesive, and without any clamps or enclosures. The base also comes with a range of choices, including a freestanding option that can be moved if required, or a screw mount stand that can be fixed to a counter or desk.

The Touch Nexus is perfect for countertops or desks and includes a 180-degree swivel, along with the ability to rate between portrait and landscape. Alternatively, the stand also features a lock to fix the tablet in position.

top 5 premium tablet stands 4

4. Touch Evo

Hugely versatile, the Touch Evo tablet stand suits iPads and tablets of all sizes and allows you to secure your device directly to the base using 3M adhesive.

Offering a minimalist, sleek look, it is available in a freestanding option or can be secured to a desk or countertop courtesy of screws or adhesive.

This stand rotates between portrait and landscape mode, in addition to featuring a 40-degree tilt, or alternatively it can be locked into position.

top 5 premium tablet stands 5

5: The Fusion

Equally suited to commercial, hospitality and office use, The Fusion stand offers features like a lockable faceplate, and cable management.

The Fusion is also compatible with a range of stands at various heights, including some that allow it to swivel, rotate, and flip or it can be fixed to a wall.

top 5 premium tablet stands 6
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