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Whether you run a school, a legal office or a manufacturing plant, the act of registering visitors is often focused on improving safety and security at your premises.

Automated visitor management via tablets and software enables a workplace to have an up-to-the minute manifest of who is on-site, why they are there, and the reason for their visit.

This assists with both safety and compliance, and can also prove critical in an emergency.

visitor management for companies 1

Cost savings

Time is money, and the time that staff spend registering guests can cost you in terms of staff productivity.

Importantly, automated visitor management can save you very real money by helping to mitigate the risk of a security breach or workplace incident by ensuring all visitors have the necessary credentials and are accounted for at all times.


Paperwork might have been the way of the past, but it’s far from efficient. Not only are paper-based visitor sign-in systems tedious to fill out for customers, they also create a paper trail that requires double handling, is wasteful and takes up storage space.

With features like ID scanning, cameras, and badge printing, automated visitor management is far more efficient.

It can also allow guests to pre-register for events and helps ensure all induction and safety training is completed prior to a visitor entering the site.

visitor management for companies 2


For many workplaces, visitor management is about compliance. It ensures all visitors to a site have the necessary licences, training and security clearance to enter a premises.

Automated visitor management helps tick these boxes quickly while also giving the host organisation an accurate account of exactly who is on-site at any given time.

This offers accountability, but also improves accuracy and safety in the event of an emergency.

Professionalism and morale

A streamlined, automated visitor management system offers a warm welcome to all guests while setting the professional tone that visitors can expect throughout their stay.

In the process this allows your staff to feel in command of their environment, and safe and valued as part of a state-of-the art organisation.


One added bonus of an automated Visitor Management System is that it offers the flexibility to grow as your organisation does. Regardless of whether you have one or 14 sites, an integrated visitor management system allows you to effortlessly handle all premises and scale up when you need to.


Ultimately the key attribute of automated visitor management is that it offers insight for the organisation. It allows you to know who is on site now, who has been on site historically, how long they stayed, why they were there and where they were from.

This can help you tailor your services and organisation to the people who visit you most, while allowing you to identify trends.

Software options

There are a wealth of automated Visitor Management Systems available, which are suited to organisations of all shapes and sizes.

Many are also purpose designed for simple roll-out using readily available hardware such as iPads or tablets.

So, let’s take a quick look at just some of the options available:


Offering a host of features for guest check-in, contractor management, and compliance, Sine is an iPad-based visitor management system.

Features include:

• Badge printing
• Photo ID scanning
• NDA signing capability
• Geofencing for faster check-in and check-out

The system also offers a suite of reports and allows for instant notification when a visitor arrives on-site.

visitor management for companies sine


Fully customisable, SwipedOn is designed to handle all facets of visitor management while creating a positive memorable first impression.

This iPad-based software includes features like:

• ID badge printing
• Employee in and out logging
• Visitor agreement signing
• Instant notifications
• Evacuation management

SwipedOn also features a range of instant reporting tools, and has add-ons that allow for catering, deliveries and more.

visitor management for companies swipedon

The Receptionist

The Receptionist for iPad offers the ability to effortlessly welcome and check in visitors while ensuring compliance.

Fully customisable, the system allows organisations to create specific check-in questions, with all data stored in the Cloud.

Features include:

• Unique workflows and check-in questions for different types of visitors
• Badge printing
• NDA and legal agreement signing
• The ability to connect visitors with their host through email, text message, or Slack.
• Multiple location managem

visitor management for companies the receptionist

The final word

Automated Visitor Management Systems allow organisations to create a professional, secure welcome, while freeing up staff to focus on more valuable activities.

The right software doesn’t replace human interaction but rather enhances it and enables customers to quickly navigate the system involved with minimal training.

It allows an organisation to put its best foot forward from the outset while giving staff the opportunity to truly assist a customer or guest rather than being tied up in paperwork.

You can view our range of tablet stands suited to visitor management here.

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