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iPad 10.2 - 7 & 8


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Sleek iPad Wall Mount
The Hub is easily mounted to any wall surface, courtesy of four included screws, while the frame is designed to offer minimal extrusion and sits flush to the wall.

No large wall cut-out or complicated installation needed. Just a simple and clean 4 screw mount design and additional space for cable management if you require your tablet to remain charged.
Internal Cable Management
Keep cables out of sight while effortlessly charging your device. The Hub Fixed Wall Mount features complete internal cable management that keeps your tablet charged with the cable running through the wall.

Either run your standard lightning cable to an appropriate power socket in your wall or ceiling, or install a POE system.

What is POE?
Cable ManagementCable Management Ghosted
Secure Magnetic Faceplate
Crafted from custom moulded steel, the Hub’s magnetic faceplate snaps into place at the corners to protect your device against accidental knocks and damage.
Magnet Lock Add on
For additional security, a hidden magnetic lock is available for The Hub. Designed to secure your device against theft, the lock latch is released using a magnetic key and is available for $29.95.
Vesa Case Add On
Looking for a little extra flexibility? The Vesa Case add-on allows you to attach your tablet holder to any Vesa compatible mount. It also includes additional space to store excess cables or power banks or PoE adaptors behind the tablet. Add the Vesa Case to the Hub Fixed Wall Mount for just $29.95.

Please note: Vesa Case add on is the case only and does not include a Vesa mount.
PoE Compatible with Vesa Case Add On
The Vesa Case add on includes space for a PoE adaptor that allows you to run your cable through the wall or out one of the four cable chanels included only with the Vesa Case.
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