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The VESA Mount Evo is designed to fit any monitor or display with VESA mounting capabilities, ensuring easy compatibility with a wide range of devices.
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Supported Monitors
100x100mm VESA-compatible monitors
Recommended Counter Height
29.53” - 43.43” (75 - 110 cm)
Height: 8.03” (204 mm)
Width: 4.25” (108 mm)
3.31 Ibs (1.50 kg)
Die-cast aluminum with powder coating

Setup Guide

Screw Mount (From Above)
Evo Desktop Screw Mount Above Step 1
01 Drill pilot holes
Lift the Evo pole base cover from the base plate & drill pilot holes. Refer to the mounting guide for assistance.
Evo Desktop Screw Mount Above Step 2
02 Running charger cable
If you are running your charging cable through the surface, ensure to drill a larger hole to feed cable through.
Evo Desktop Screw Mount Above Step 3
03 Screw down stand
Screw down your Evo pole through the base plate using the wood screws provided & then press down base cover.
VESA Evo Step 1 v2
04 Screw top bracket
Attach top bracket and secure with the provided 4 screws.
VESA Evo Step 2 v2
05 Route power cable through
Feed charging cable through hole.
VESA Evo Step 3 v2
06 Refer to monitor manual to attach
Refer to your monitor's instructions on mounting their provided screws.
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