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The Touch Evo Floor Stand has been carefully designed to securely display your tablet without any case, clamps or cables needed. Display your tablet as it is was designed. slim, sleek and unobstructed.
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Supports All Tablets
Might update your iPad or android tablet in the future? The Touch tablet holder supports all devices and is secured by 4 strong 3M Command Strip adhesives included with the stand.
Height: 41.34" (105 cm)
Width: 11.81” (30 cm)

11.91 lbs (5.40 kg)
Die-cast aluminum with powder coating

Setup Guide

Floor Stand
Optional Extras
Evo Floor Stand Step 1
01 Feed cable through hinge pole
Feed cable up through the hinge pole. Ensure enough length is fed through to easily plug into your tablet.
Evo Floor Stand Step 2
02 Attach hinge pole to base pole
Slide the hinge pole onto the base pole while feeding the cable through. Screw in grub screws to secure.
Evo Floor Stand Step 3
03 Screw on baseplate
Screw on baseplate with screws with the charging cable running underneath.
Touch Evo Desktop Step 2
04 Screw Touch case to hinge
Locate the Touch case and attach to the hinge and screw in the screws to secure.
Touch Evo Desktop Step 3
05 Peel off adhesive paper
Peel off the adhesive paper from the top bracket.
Touch Evo Desktop Step 4
06 Stick bracket to center of tablet
Place the bracket in the center of the tablet and press down and hold for 20 seconds.
Touch Evo Floor Stand Step 5
07 Screw top bracket
Re-attach top bracket and secure with the security screw.
Touch Evo Floor Stand Step 6
08 Plug in cable
Plug in the charging cable.
Evo Floor Stand Extras Rotation Lock
01 Rotation Lock
To lock rotation, remove holder and screw lock screw as shown to lock. Then attach the holder in desired position.
Evo Floor Stand Extras Adjustment Lock
02 Tilt Adjustment Lock
Using Allen key provided, tighten screw at desired angle to lock in position.
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