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The Elite fixed wall mount offers high security and durability in a sleek and stylish casing. Featuring a 4 point lock and a strong coated metal faceplate to protect your iPad or android tablet.
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Supported Apple devices
iPad 10.9'" - 10th Gen
iPad 10.2" - 7th, 8th & 9th Gen
iPad Pro 12.9" - 3rd, 4th & 5th Gen
iPad Pro 9.7" - 2nd Gen
iPad Air 9.7" - 2nd Gen
Supported Samsung devices
Galaxy Tab 10.4" - A7
Galaxy Tab 11" - S7 & S8
Supported Microsoft devices
Surface Pro 13" - 8 & 9
Recommended positioning height
51.2” - 59” (130 - 150 cm)
8.27” (210mm) high
11.69” (297mm) width
1.30 kg (2.87 Ibs)
Product finish
White with matte white grille;
black with matte black grille.
Stand, pole, camera cutout, cable cutout, setup guide
Fully pre-assembled for trouble-free roll outs

Setup guide

Screw mount
Elite Wall Mount Step 1
01 Remove faceplate
Unlock case with keys provided and remove faceplate.
Elite Wall Mount Step 2
02 Install open cable cutout
Unscrew existing closed cable cutout and install the open cable cutout.
Elite Wall Mount Step 3 4
03 Remove VESA plugs & drill pilot holes
Remove the VESA plugs and drill pilot holes to assist with screw base mounting.
Elite Wall Mount Step 3 4
04 Drill larger hole if running cable through wall
If you are running your charging cable through the wall, ensure to drill a larger hole to feed cable through.
Elite Wall Mount Step 5
05 Run the cable through wall or cable cutout
Run the cable either:
a) Through the wall
b) Through the optional cable cutout
Elite Wall Mount Step 6
06 Screw case to wall
Screw case to the wall using the VESA holes.
Elite Wall Mount Step 7
07 Plug & place tablet into case
Plug in your tablet while placing it into the case.
Elite Wall Mount Step 8
08 Place & lock faceplate
Place faceplate back on and lock.
Problems during setup?

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