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The Edge Nexus wall mount features a unique clamp based design that includes a simple security lock release option. Perfect for POS and kiosk self-service applications. Designed for the 10.2” iPad.
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Supported Apple devices
iPad 10.2" - 7th, 8th & 9th Gen
Recommended counter height
51.2” - 59” (130 - 150 cm)
4.33” (110mm) high
10.35” (263mm) width
1.30 kg (2.87 Ibs)
Product finish
White with matte white grille;
black with matte black grille.
Stand, pole, cable cutout, setup guide
Fully pre-assembled for trouble-free roll outs

Setup guide

Screw mount
Optional Extras
Edge Nexus Screw Mount Step 1
01 Remove case from stand
Unscrew screws and lift the Edge case off the stand.
Edge Nexus Screw Mount Step 2
02 Line up screw base holes
Follow the above locations to line up your surface mounting and cable feed.
Edge Nexus Screw Mount Step 3
03 Refer to mounting guide if drilling
Refer to the mounting guide for assistance in drilling pilot holes and a hole for your charging cable if required.
Edge Nexus Screw Mount Step 4
04 Screw down stand
With the cable channel facing out the left hand side, screw down using the wood screws provided. Ensure you feed cable through before mounting.
Edge Nexus Screw Mount Step 5
05 Reattach case to stand
Remove the cable clip and place case back on the stand and screw back in the 4 screws.
Edge Nexus Screw Mount Step 6
06 Unlock security lock
Unlock the security lock with the L shape key and slide the clamp out.
Edge Nexus Screw Mount Step 7
07 Squeeze tablet into clamp
Squeeze the tablet into the clamp with the charging cable running behind the tablet.
Edge Nexus Screw Mount Step 8
08 Re-attach clamp arm
Re-attach the clamp arm by sliding in and squeezing tablet.
Edge Nexus Screw Mount Step 9
09 Lock the security lock
Remain holding clamp together until you have rotated the security lock with the L shape key into the lock position.
Elite Nexus Extras Position Lock
01 Position Lock
Rotate stand 45 degrees so cable hole is on the left, then screw in lock screw as shown. This will lock the rotation for a fixed option.
Problems during setup?

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