Retail Tablet Stands

Retail Tablet Stands

Our range of tablet stands are perfect for your retail stores needs.
From key lockable stands to versatile stands that can be moved around your booth or concierge.


Fusion tablet enclosures are a versatile range of tablet stands known for their security, durability, and accessibility in all commercial environments.



The BossTab Freedom is the only secure tablet stand that doesn't require a case, clamps or brackets. Perfect for your commercial setup.

Twist Exhibition Tablet Stands


A low lying unobtrusive tablet stand made to suit multiple tablets. A highly adjustable hinge allows for interaction on either side of the stand.

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About Bosstab

Bosstab is a collection of people with the focus on changing the way we use tablets in business. What started in 2015 as a small side project has quickly become a full-fledged company determined to offer the best service and premium products.