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Looking for exhibition tablet stands that are both interactive and secure? Look no further than Bosstab. Our cost-effective countertop, wall mount, and floor stands are perfect for drawing in potential customers at trade shows and exhibitions.

Plus, our screw mountable designs and lockable holders keep your device secure from theft. Stand out from your competitors and elevate your booth with a premium Bosstab tablet stand.

Engage with potential customers with interactive kiosks, video presentations or lead generation forms.
Secure your device with lockable holders and screw mountable tablet stands. Upgrade your solution with a cable lock for additional security.
Simple set-up
Get up and running in no time with our pre-assembled solutions.
Tablet stands are a cost-effective way to incorporate an interactive element into your exhibition tablet stand.

Are you looking for ways to make your business stand out at exhibitions and trade-shows?

Look no further than the trusty tablet stand! Here are a few reasons why businesses should use tablet stands at their next event.

Instead of a static display, your booth can feature engaging content, interactive demos, and videos that showcase your product or service in action.

Interactive Experience

With a tablet stand, you can offer a more interactive experience for potential customers. Instead of a static display, your booth can feature engaging content, interactive demos, and videos that showcase your product or service in action. By inviting visitors to interact with your tablet, you can capture their attention and make a lasting impression.


Tablet stands are a cost-effective way to upgrade your booth without breaking the bank. Compared to other display options like custom signage or video walls, tablet stands are affordable and easy to set up. With a variety of sizes and styles to choose from, you can find a stand that fits your budget and complements your brand.

Convenience and Portability

Tablet stands are also incredibly convenient and portable. They can be easily transported and set up at your booth without the need for any special tools or equipment. Plus, if you need to move your stand to a different location within the event, you can do so quickly and easily.


When it comes to exhibiting at events, security is always a concern. With a tablet stand, you can ensure that your device is safe and secure. Many tablet stands come with lockable holders that prevent theft or tampering, giving you peace of mind as you showcase your products or services.

Branding Opportunity

Finally, tablet stands offer a unique branding opportunity for businesses. By customizing your stand with your logo or brand colors, you can create a memorable visual impression that reinforces your brand identity. This branding opportunity extends beyond the event itself, as visitors may take photos or videos of your stand and share them on social media, further increasing your brand’s exposure.

From creating an interactive experience to providing a cost-effective and portable display option, there are many reasons why businesses should consider using a tablet stand at their next event. So why not give it a try and see how a tablet stand can help your business stand out from the crowd? Still not convinced? Check out this article on why iPad stands at trade-shows are a game changer.

Case Studies

Discover how our exhibition tablet stands have helped customers achieve their goals. Explore our case studies and see the real-world impact of our stands' key features and benefits.