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Step 1

There are 2 ways to find your model number. Follow the below steps to find out “What Samsung tablet do I have?”.

samsung step1

1 Most Samsung tablets have the model number printed on the back of the device.

samsung step2

2 Locate the details on the back of the tablet and look for something that looks similar to: SM-T510.

samsung step3

3 Alternatively you can open the settings app.

4 Select the About tablet option in the left side menu.

samsung step4

5 You can find the model number by looking for the model number section.

Step 2

Match your model number in the list below.
Use your computers ctrl+f (cmd+f on Mac) function if you’re having trouble finding it.

Tab A

ModelYear launchedModel numbersDisplay sizeConnector type
Galaxy Tab A72020SM-T500, SM-T505, SM-T50710.4"USB-C
Galaxy Tab A2019SM-T515, SM-T51010.1"USB-C
Galaxy Tab A & S Pen2019SM-P205, SM-P2008"USB-C
Galaxy Tab A2019SM-T290, SM-T2958"USB-C
Galaxy Tab A2018SM-T590, SM-T59510.5"USB-C
Galaxy Tab A2018SM-T387, SM-T387W, SM-T387V8"USB-C
Galaxy Tab A2017SM-T380, SM-T3858"USB-C
Galaxy Tab A2016SM-T580, SM-T585, SM-P580, SM-P585, SM-P585Y10.1"USB-C
Galaxy Tab A2016SM-T280, SM-T2857"USB-C
Galaxy Tab A & S Pen2015SM-P550, SM-P5559.7"USB-C
Galaxy Tab A2015SM-T550, SM-T5559.7"USB-C
Galaxy Tab A & S Pen2015SM-P3558"USB-C
Galaxy Tab A2015SM-T350, SM-T3558"USB-C

Tab S

ModelYear launchedModel numbersDisplay sizeConnector type
Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra2022SM-X900, SM-X906, SM-X906B, SM-X906U, SM-X906N14.6"USB-C
Galaxy Tab S8+2022SM-X800, SM-X806, SM-X806B, SM-X806U, SM-X806N12.4"USB-C
Galaxy Tab S82022SM-X700, SM-X706, SM-X706B, SM-X706U, SM-X706N11"USB-C
Galaxy Tab S7+2020SM-T970 (Wi-Fi only); SM-T976B (LTE/5G)12.4"USB-C
Galaxy Tab S72020SM-T870(Wi-Fi), SM-T875(LTE), SM-T87810.5"USB-C
Galaxy Tab S62019SM-T860, SM-T86510.5"USB-C
Galaxy Tab S5E2019SM-T725, SM-T72010.5"USB-C
Galaxy Tab S42018SM-T830, SM-T8359.7"USB-C
Galaxy Tab S32017SM-T820, SM-T825, SM-T825Y9.7"USB-C
Galaxy Tab S22015SM-T810, SM-T815, SM-T813N, SM-T819N, SM-T819, SM-T8138"USB-C
Galaxy Tab S22015SM-T715, SM-T710, SM-T719N, SM-T719, SM-T715Y, SM-T719Y9.7"USB-C
Galaxy Tab S2014SM-T80010.5"USB-C
Galaxy Tab S2014SM-T7008.4"USB-C

Tab E

ModelYear launchedModel numbersDisplay sizeConnector type
Galaxy Tab E2016SM-T377W, SM-T377, SM-T375, SM-T377P, SM-T377R8"USB-C
Galaxy Tab E2015SM-T560, SM-T5619.6"USB-C

Tab Pro

ModelYear launchedModel numbersDisplay sizeConnector type
Galaxy Tab Pro S2016SM-W700, SM-W703, SM-W707, SM-W708, SM-W708Y12"USB-C
Galaxy Tab Pro S2014SM-T9000, SM-T90512.2"USB-C
Galaxy Tab Pro S2014SM-T520, SM-T52510.1"USB-C
Galaxy Tab Pro S2014SM-T320, SM-T321, SM-T3258.4"USB-C

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