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When Was It Created

Thunderbolt 3 was unveiled by Intel in 2015, only two years after the introduction of Thunderbolt 2. This quick succession highlighted the rapid pace of technological advancements and the industry’s need for more advanced and multifunctional connectivity options. Thunderbolt 3’s development was also influenced by the rise of the USB Type-C connector, which promised a universal port for multiple functions.

Why Was It Created

To meet the ever-increasing demand for faster data transfer and more versatile connectivity options, Thunderbolt 3 was developed. It not only doubled the data transfer rate of its predecessor but also introduced the USB Type-C connector, offering a universal connection that could handle data transfer, video output, and charging simultaneously.

Most Common Use Cases

  1. Dual 4K Display Support: Thunderbolt 3 can support two 4K displays or a single 5K display, making it perfect for high-end visual workstations.
  2. Universal docking: With the integration of the USB Type-C connector, users could connect multiple devices, including monitors, drives, and even external GPUs, using a single cable.
  3. Fast data transfers: At 40 Gbps, transferring large amounts of data, such as video files or backups, became faster and more efficient.

Is It Still Used Now?

Absolutely. Thunderbolt 3, with its blend of high-speed data transfer and the versatility of the USB Type-C connector, remains a popular choice for many devices and users. It bridges the gap between older USB standards and the latest Thunderbolt 4, offering broad compatibility and impressive performance.

Thunderbolt 3 was a game-changer, integrating speed, power, and universal connectivity into one. With 40 Gbps speeds and USB Type-C, it continues to be a preferred choice for professionals and everyday users alike, laying a robust foundation for the evolution of connectivity standards.

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