Touch Bistro cash drawer, printer and scanner setup

Touch Bistro POS Hardware Setup Guide

Targeted squarely at the restaurant industry, TouchBistro is a ready-made iPad-based Point of Sale for restaurants of all shapes and sizes – from quick food to full-service restaurants, bars, breweries, and food trucks.

Founded in 2010, it supports tableside ordering, custom restaurant layouts, custom menus, bill splitting, sales reports, and an unlimited number of order and cash register printers.

Hardware And Software Requirements

The TouchBistro POS software is compatible with all iPad models, with the exception of the first-generation iPad, iPad 2, and the iPad 3rd and 4th generations.

If a restaurant is using multiple iPads for POS and order taking, an Apple Mac Mini Computer or iMac is also required. This acts as the server or “the brain” of the system, storing all a restaurant’s TouchBistro data while syncing with all iPads, so changes on one iPad are made to all the others.

In addition, restaurants will also require compatible hardware like cash drawers, docket and receipt printers, payment processing card readers, and iPad enclosures and stands. They may also wish to utilise digital menu displays, kitchen display systems and customer facing displays.

TouchBistro offers hardware bundles that can be added to the software costs monthly. Alternatively, restauranteurs can source their own hardware but will need to ensure it is compatible with their iPads and the software.

Setting Up Your Printer

First things first. Let's start with your printer. Contact Touch Bistro support to ensure your printer is compatible.

Step 1 - To set up ensure the printer is connected to power.

Step 2 - If you have a cash drawer connect it to the printer via the supplied cable.

Step 3 - Connect the printer to the local network. Please refer to your printers instructions for more information.

Step 4 - Power on your printer.

Connecting Printer And Cash Drawer To Touch Bistro POS App

Let's connect your printer and cash drawer to the Touch Bistro POS App. In this demonstration we are using the Epson TM-m30II printer but the steps should be the same if you have a different printer with LAN connectivity.
Step 1 - Open the Touch Bistro POS app.

Step 2 - Tap admin at the top right hand corner.

Step 3 - Tap admin settings.

Step 4 - On the left hand menu, tap 'Printers And Kitchen Displays'.

Step 5 - Tap Add on the top right hand corner.

Step 6 - Tap 'Add Printer'/

Step 7 - Under available printers, selct your printer.

Step 8 - Tap next, at the top right hand corver.

Step 9 - Tap 'Printer Name' and select the name that best suits your use case.

Step 10 - Tap 'Print Test Page'.
If your printer successfully prints the test page, go ahead and tap save.

Connecting Your Barcode Scanner To Touch Bistro POS App

Next up, let's connect your barcode scanner. In this demonstration we are using the Socket Mobile S700 but the steps should be the same if you have a different barcode scanner as long as it has bluetooth connectivity.
Ensure your barcode scanner is connected to power and switched on.

Step 1 - Scan the pairing barcode found in your user guide.

Step 2 - Open Settings on your tablet device

Step 3 - Select Bluetooth

Step 4 - Select your barcode scanner

Step 5 - Close all apps

Step 6 - Relaunch the Touch Bistro POS app
Testing your barcode scanner.
Step 1 - Tap Admin at the top right hand corner

Step 2 - Tap admin settings

Step 3 - Tap Menu

Step 4 - Tap Menu Items

Step 5 - Select an item you'd like to test your scanner with. 

If your scanner is properly paired, you will see Bluetooth scanner detected under the UPC group. 

Step 6 - Point the scanner at an item and scan the barcode will then appear in the UPC field.

Your scanner is now set up and ready to go.
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