Square cash drawer, printer and scanner setup

Square POS Hardware Setup Guide

Used by more than two million businesses globally, Square is a mobile Point of Sale and payment processing app that can be customized to suit a retailer’s needs.

Touted as POS software built for simplicity, Square not only facilitates mobile payment processing with hardware but offers an advanced point of sale app and store management system that extends from a credit card reader to a merchant's mobile device and beyond to their laptop.

Launched in 2009 by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, Square has developed into one of the leading payment processing systems in the world that goes well beyond handling transactions to managing an entire store, or customer service business via an app and online dashboard.

Hardware And Software Requirements

The great benefit of Square is that it can be used across devices, however the hardware is designed specifically for payments on the run due to its compatibility with smartphones and tablets.

The magstripe reader connects directly into the audio jack or lightning port of a smartphone or tablet, while the contactless reader connects to those devices using low energy Bluetooth technology.
A more comprehensive list of compatible mobile devices is available here.

Limitless card readers are available at an additional cost, enabling large numbers of staff to take payments on your behalf. Compatible hardware like receipt printers, barcode scanners and cash drawers can also be connected.

Most functions are available via the smartphone or tablet app, but advanced functions are housed within the online dashboard available on PCs or laptops.

Hardware used in this tutorial
- Epson TM-M30II Printer
- Socket Mobile S700 Barcode Scanner
- Cash Drawer
- Square Card Reader

Setting Up Your Printer

First things first, let's start with your printer. Contact support to ensure your printer is compatible. 

Step 1 - Ensure the printer is connected to power.

Step 2 - If you have a cash drawer connect it to the printer via the supplied cable. 

Step 3 - Connect the printer to the local network if you'd like to connect it via. Please refer to your printers instructions for more information.

Step 4 - Power on your printer.

Connecting Printer And Cash Drawer 
To Square POS App

Let's connect your printer and cash drawer to the Square POS App. In this demonstration we are using the Epson TM-m30II printer but the steps should be the same if you have a different printer as long as it has bluetooth connectivity.

Connecting to your tablet
Step 1 - Tap settings

Step 2 - Tap Bluetooth and select your printer under 'Devices'

Now that your printer is connected Via Bluetooth. Open the Square app.
Step 1 - Tap 'More'

Step 2 - Tap settings

Step 3 - Tap hardware

Step 4 - Tap Printers

Step 5 - Tap 'Create Printer Station'

Step 6 - Give your printer a name

Step 7 -  Under printer model press 'Select Printer' adn then select your printer model.

Step 8 - Tap back

Step 9 - Scroll down and select what you will be using this printer for. 

Step 10 - Toggle 'Use This Printer For Receipts'

Step 11 - Tap Back then tap save

Testing your printer is connected properly
Step 1 - Tap Hardware

Step 2 - Tap your printer under 'My Hardware'

Step 3 - Tap 'Print Test'

Testing your cash drawer is connected properly
Step 1 - Double check your cash drawer is plugged into your printer and the printer is connected to power.

Step 2 - Tap 'More' from the home screen

Step 3 - Tap 'settings'

Step 4 - Tap 'Hardware'

Step 5 - Scroll down and tap 'Cash Drawers'

Step 6 - Tap 'Test Cash Drawer'

Connecting Your Barcode Scanner To Square POS App

Next up, let's connect your barcode scanner. In this demonstration we are using the Socket Mobile S700 but the steps should be the same if you have a different barcode scanner as long as it has bluetooth connectivity.
Ensure your barcode scanner is connected to power and switched on.
Step 1 - Open the Square App

Step 2 - Tap 'More'

Step 3 - Tap Settings

Step 4 - Tap Hardware

Step 5 - Scroll Down and Tap 'Barcode Scanners'

Step 6 - Tap 'Connect a Bluetooth Scanner'

Step 7 - Select your Scanner Model

Step 8 - Pick up your scanner and scan the barcode displayed on the screen.

Step 9 - Tap Next

Connecting your barcode scanner to your tablet
Step 1 - Open Settings

Step 2 - Tap Bluetooth and select your scanner under 'Devices'

Step 3 - Open the Square app

Step 4 - Press Done

With the hardware tab selected you should see your printer and scanner under 'My Hardware'.

Connecting Your Card Reader To Square POS App

lastly, let's connect your Square Card Reader to the Square POS app.  
Step 1 - Open the Square App

Step 2 - Tap 'More'

Step 3 - Tap Settings

Step 4 - Tap Hardware

Step 5 - Tap 'Sqaure Reader'

Step 6 - Press and hold the button on your reader until the lights flash orange.

Step 7 - Release the button and place the reader next to your tablet to pair. The Square app should instantly recognize the reader and connect to it.

Step 8 - Follow the steps for creating an account to start taking payments or select later.
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