Lightspeed cash drawer, printer and scanner setup

Lightspeed POS Hardware Setup Guide

Lightspeed Retail is a mobile Point of Sale Cloud-based software platform that was first launched in 2005.

Considered the first mobile Point of Sale app of its kind, it arms retailers with a suite of sales and inventory management tools and is now used in over 100 countries globally.

Lightspeed is available in two different forms – a web-based server that allows it to be used on desktop and other devices running Windows, Mac OS, Apple iOS and Google Chrome, and a dedicated app that is specifically designed for iPads.

The app can also be used on late-model iPhones, but does not process sales.


Lightspeed offers the hardware required for a retail outlet as part of two bundles.

The first bundle is designed to run with the iPad tablets and the Lightspeed iOS app. It includes wireless hardware comprising:
- A cash drawer
- LAN receipt printer
- Bluetooth scanner
The iPad is not included.

The second bundle caters to desktop use and includes a:
- USB receipt prints
- Cash drawer
- USB barcode scanner
Lightspeed also offers individual hardware if not all items are required.

When it comes to compatibility with other hardware brands, Lightspeed notes the following:

“There are ideal hardware setups that we recommend for use with Lightspeed Retail – We sell and support the hardware listed on this page. Not all hardware that you can use is necessarily built to serve as point of sale hardware or work in a retail environment, which likely means we do not support it. For anything not listed on this page, please consult our support page or speak with one of our specialists.”

In essence that’s a very complicated way of Lightspeed saying they cannot guarantee other hardware will be compatible.

Setting Up Your Printer

First things first. Let's start with your printer. Contact Lightspeed support to ensure your printer is compatible.

Step 1 - To set up ensure the printer is connected to power.

Step 2 - If you have a cash drawer connect it to the printer via the supplied cable.

Step 3 - Connect the printer to the local network.  Please refer to your printers instructions for more information.

Step 4 - Power on your printer.

Connecting Printer And Cash Drawer To Lightspeed POS App

Let's connect your printer and cash drawer to the Lightspeed POS App. In this demonstration we are using the Epson TM-m30II printer but the steps should be the same if you have a different printer with LAN connectivity.
Step 1 - Open the Lightspeed app. 

Step 2 - Tap the menu button in the top left hand corner.

Step 3 - Tap settings.

Step 4 - Tap harware.

Step 5 - Select 'Add A Printer'.

Step 6 - Give your printer a name.

Step 7 - Select your printer model.

Step 8 - Tap find

Step 9 - Select your printer model.
Alternatively, use your printers IP address to connect.

Step 10 - Select 'Enable Cash Drawer' if you have a connected cash drawer.

Step 11 - Tap save
To test your printer is connected you can make a test transaction.
Alternatively, you can select more actions and tap print last sale.
To test the cash drawer, select more actions and tap open cash drawer.

Connecting Your Barcode Scanner To Lightspeed POS App

Next up, let's connect your barcode scanner. In this demonstration we are using the Socket Mobile S700 but the steps should be the same if you have a different barcode scanner as long as it has bluetooth connectivity.
Ensure your barcode scanner is connected to power and switched on.
Step 1 - Open Lightspeed App

Step 2 - Tap menu at the top left hand corner.

Step 3 - Tap settings

Step 4 - Tap hardware

Step 5 - Tap 'Add A Barcode Scanner'

Step 6 - Select your barcode scanner model.

Step 7 - Select Socket Mobile 1D

Step 8 - Tap Next

Step 9 - Double check your scanner is powered on and tap next.

Step 10 - Scan the pairing barcode.

Step 11 - Tap next and return your barcode scanner to the base.

Step 12 - Tap 'Choose Scanner To Pair'

Step 13 - Select your barcode scanner

The barcode scanner should now appear under connected scanners and will now appear within hardware settings, under barcode scanners with the connected green label.
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