Twist Universal Tablet Stand - BOSS-TAB Premium Tablet Enclosures & Kiosks - 1
Twist Universal Tablet Stand - BOSS-TAB Premium Tablet Enclosures & Kiosks - 2
$82.00 USD

Twist Universal Tablet Stand

InVue CT100 Tablet Enclosure

Universal Enclosure.

The Twist universal enclosure is capable of supporting tablets with a screen size of 9" to 11" and a total size including bezels of 10.2" to 12.8", which includes most of the main tablet choices, including Apples iPad Air and Samsung's Galaxy Tab S.

InVue CT100 Tablet Enclosure

360° Rotation.

The enclosure is capable of rotating between portrait and landscape and can further be flipped front and back to show users on both sides of the stand.


The Twist comes 100% pre-built and is ready to use straight out of the box..

InVue CT100 Tablet Enclosure

High security options.

A Kensington and BossTab cable lock slot is built into the stand and the stand itself can be screw mounted directly to a tabletop, which ads the options of a more secure tablet display at a low cost.

Twist Enclosure x1
Barrel Keys x2
Material ABS Plastic and Metal
Enclosure Height Maximum: 13.39"
Minimum: 11.61"
Enclosure Width Maximum: 13.70"
Minimum: 10.43"
Enclosure Depth 5.12"
Tablets Maximum Screen Size: 9" to 11"
Maximum Tablet Size (Including Bezels): 10.2" to 12.8"
iPad 2, 3 and 4. iPad Air. iPad Pro 9.7".
Galaxy Tab 3 and 4. Galaxy Tab S 10.5.
Surface 3
Does the Twist come pre assembled?

Yes. The Twist enclosure is shipped no ready to go, no installation is needed.

How do I install and remove my tablet?

To install the tablet in the Twist simply move the lever on the back of the stand to the 'release' setting, you will then be able to spread the Twist clamps wide enough to place your tablet inside, once you have done this, simply move the lever back to 'secure' and tighten the clamps. The final step is to lock the enclosure in the 'secure' setting using the provided barrel keys.

To remove your tablet unlock the enclosure and move the lever to 'release'.

Can I mount it to a wall?

Yes you can, though we don't recommend it. The twist has been designed to be used solely as a table stand, but by using the provided screw holes it can be mounted to a wall.

Can I attach a Kensington lock?

Yes you can. There is an inbuilt lock slot in the back of the enclosure.