Fusion Ezy Free Standing iPad Kiosk Stand - BOSS-TAB Premium Tablet Enclosures & Kiosks - 1
Fusion Ezy Free Standing iPad Kiosk Stand - BOSS-TAB Premium Tablet Enclosures & Kiosks - 2
$99.00 USD

$190.00 USD

Fusion Ezy Free Standing iPad Kiosk Stand

Currently available for iPad only.
Boss-Tab Fusion Rotate Tablet Enclosure


The most accessible Tablet Enclosure around. Use it stationary on a table, pick it up, pass it to a colleague or sit down with it. Keeps your tablet secure and powered for all day peace of mind and user interaction.


Perfect for café’s, restaurants, retail, waiting rooms, the workplace or any environment that requires secure Ezy access to your tablets.

Boss-Tab Fusion Rotate Tablet Enclosure


An optional 70" (1.8m) steel cable with integrated iPad power can be added to tether the EZY enclosure to a secure location or an anchor point. Our non-slip rubber feet and rear kick stand angles the tablet at 45° for easy table top use. One cable to provide power and security for your iPad stand.

Cable Management.

The power cable can be routed through the center of the enclosure, and exits alongside the steel tether in a seamless single cable. Attach the power cable to a power socket and the tether to an anchor point or table leg, and you have both power and security.

Fusion Face Plate x1
Fusion Enclosure x1
EZY Stand x1
Barrel Keys x2
Enclosure Screws
Tablet Adaptor Pads x4
Home Button Blocker (iPad Only) x1
Security Cable (Optional) x1


Material Faceplate: Metal
Enclosure & Stand: Strong ABS Plastic
Devices iPad Air 1 and 2
iPad Pro 9.7"

Installation Guide

Can I charge the tablet while in the EZY enclosure?

Yes. If you select the power and security cable option in the above drop down menu, you will receive a 180cm cable that can charge your device while keeping it secure. 
Alternatively, you can run your own charging cable through the center of the enclosure which can exit at the base of the stand.

What warranty comes with the fusion?

All fusions come with a one year warranty valid from the day of purchase.
For the full terms of the warranty please visit our warranty page.

What tablets are supported?

iPad Air 1 and 2. iPad Pro 9.7"

Galaxy Tab S 10.5" and Surface 3 are available on special orders, please contact us for more information.

How long is the security cable?


Does each fusion enclosure have a unique key?

Yes. Each fusion can only be unlocked using the unique key and lock which you will receive with your enclosure.

If you would like to have multiple fusions on the same key you can buy our keyed alike keys and lock. Each lock you purchase can be opened using the same key. Each purchase of the keyed alike lock and keys includes 2 keys and 1 lock.