Tablet Kiosk Wall Mounts

Secure tablet wall mounts.

Benefits of tablet & iPad wall mount kiosk enclosures

A versatile and functional choice, Tablet Wall Mounts and Kiosks from BossTab provide a secure solution for all your tablet displaying needs. The Fusion line of enclosures provides perfectly stabilized solutions for your Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab S and Microsoft Surface Tablet. An iPad wall mount is a wonderful method to showcase whatever your business offers to customers. From a brand video or an app demo all the way to the tablets themselves, these enclosures give you a simple and secure display that matches any style and décor.

Making Your Business Even Better

Your business demands a durable and secure way to showcase your tablet to the public. This holds true whether you’re a store-front, restaurant, office, or anything in between. No matter what you need, our wall mount enclosures make it easy to set up and show off.

Compatible: These units can house all the latest tablet models: Apple iPad 2, 3, & 4, iPad Air 1 & 2, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.5, and Microsoft Surface 3.

Convenient: We've made the set-up and mounting process as easy as possible with all our products. VESA-compatible mounting holes ensure that you won’t have any problems getting your enclosure securely mounted on the wall.

Durable: You need an enclosure that can withstand ongoing use – without breaking down. With rugged ABS plastic and high-grade glass, these enclosures are built to handle even the toughest public demands.

Secure: Barrel lockable units keep your tablets firmly connected to the wall. Rear-facing cable routing keeps all power cords out of sight and safe from theft or vandalism. The lockable faceplate allows you to quickly remove the tablet whenever you need it.

A Style to Match Your Requirements: Wall mounts are available in black or white to match your style. Additionally, our rotatable units give you options for on-the-fly portrait and landscape displays.

Need a Rotatable iPad Wall Mount? We Have a Solution

If you need your tablet enclosure to rotate depending on what you’re showing on the screen, we can help. BossTab’s Fusion Fixed Mount Tablet Enclosure brings you a versatile solution for a wide range of purposes. These units provide the same high level of security you’ll find in our other Fixed Mount Tablet Enclosures. But you’ll also have the freedom to rotate these between portrait and landscape whenever it’s necessary, making it perfect for an iPad wall mount. This brings together the perfect blend of form and function to give you a stable and secure solution that meets all your demands.

All the Security You’ll Need

No matter what type of business you operate, you demand wall mount enclosures that keep your tablets secure. Security is critically important across the board – from retail stores to in-office displays. That’s why BossTab delivers the security benefits that can put your mind at ease.

High-Grade, Durable Components: The highest quality ABS plastic alongside an ultra-durable faceplate come together in a virtually seamless fit. This ensures your hardware will stay securely protected at all times.

Key Lockable Enclosure: With industry standard VESA holes, you can mount your tablet on any wall with a secure barrel key lock. This allows secure and stable mounting with quick and convenient removal.

Rear-Facing Cable Routing: Cable holes are provided in the rear of the enclosure, enhancing security by helping to prevent cable theft.

Order Your Wall Mount Today

Your business demands a simple, secure and stylish solution for your customers. With the Tablet Wall Mount Enclosures from BossTab, you get it all. These mounts are perfect for a vast range of businesses – restaurants, banks, retail outlets, museums, offices, and any other place that needs a public-facing tablet. Stop worrying about your tablets! Order your enclosure today and see just how easy the set-up can be for your business.