Tablet Kiosk Enclosures

Secure your tablet with a BossTab tablet stand.

Secure Tablet & iPad Kiosk & Enclosures

Tablets can be a great tool for sharing information with your employees, clients, and potential customers. Not only are they cost-effective, but they're extremely versatile, with functions that can be used in boardrooms, and on both the factory and retail store floors. One of the best ways to guarantee you get the most out of your tablets is to invest in a tablet enclosure or iPad POS stand. This will offer protection from theft and accidental damage while still ensuring that it remains accessible when you need it. BossTab offers enclosures to fit most popular devices, including your Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy, or your Microsoft Surface. Below are some suggestions on how you can integrate them into your business.

Desktop mounted enclosures

These enclosures are great for one on one meetings and presentations, as well as interactive product displays. They can be screwed into any flat surface, allowing you to display your tablet and iPad kiosk at a comfortable angle.

Wall mounted enclosures

Enclosures of this type can be fixed to the wall in conference rooms, hallways, and commercial or educational environments. Some useful internal applications could include room bookings and video conferencing in meetings, while possible external applications range from information or advertising iPad displays to collecting customer feedback.

Floor standing enclosures

The best thing about floor stands is that they can be adjusted to fit the user's height, making them the most ergonomic enclosure in our collection. They're also easy to move around, so they're ideal for any business that doesn't always operate out of a fixed location.