Tablet Floor Stand Kiosks

Floor stands made for exhibition and commercial use.

Tablet and iPad Floor Stands

Have you ever considered that a tablet could enhance your business by engaging your customers or showing a wider variety of your offerings, but have been unsure how to combine that opportunity with the need to protect your business from any security problems? At BossTab, we offer a wide variety of enclosures that will protect your investment while they increase your ability to connect with customers. As a supplier and manufacturer we know what your business needs to succeed.

Create opportunities for your business to connect with customers

Companies choose to incorporate tablets into their business for a variety of reasons. You could choose to offer WiFi access to customers to encourage them to fill their downtime while they wait for your services. You might incorporate an electronic system where customers register for their place in line while they wait for a salesperson. Or you might use a tablet to offer videos and demos of other products that can't fit into or aren't practical for display on your sales floor.

Users can also use an enclosed tablet floor stand to place orders, choosing as many or as few customisations as a system allows. Or, users can enter their information to sign up for a newsletter, on-line coupons, or any other business program. Users who might be reluctant to give their information to a sales person might be more comfortable entering it directly into the computer system.

Tablets can also be offered as a point of sale (POS) solution, making touch-key efficiency and accepting credit cards simple and easy.

Add all this benefit to the complete security offered by the tablet enclosures offered by BossTab. From alarmed stands that allow users to lift and use the tablet to total enclosures that use the tablet as an interactive display, there's something to suit every business.

Offers different "looks" to match your business

From simple, minimalistic looks to more high-tech, futuristic options, the tablet enclosures offered by BossTab can work with a variety of business themes. Crystal, white, and black tablet enclosures can also be chosen to match the most common colours of tablet cases.

Works with many tablet models and orientations

Whether you would prefer an Android, Microsoft or iPad kiosk, there are tablet enclosures that can work with your needs. Some enclosures are fixed in either portrait or landscape mode; others rotate between the two. Whatever you need, let us know, and we'll help you find the right model.

With more businesses using Cloud based solutions to drive their business technology, and more businesses looking for new ways to interact with customers, drive efficiency, and build on customer relationships, tablet enclosures provide a great way to let customers interact with the Internet in your location without putting your security at risk. While the cost of tablets has decreased since their introduction to the market, they are far from inexpensive; it only makes sense for a business to protect their investment.

At BossTab, we are also pleased to offer enclosures that work with both iPad and Android-based tablets. While some programs and apps are available on both platforms, some businesses thrive with apps that are primarily focused on one or the other. We understand that your choice of tablet may have been locked in well before you get to us.

If you're considering offering an iPad floor stand for customer use, get in touch with BossTab. As a supplier of tablet enclosures in North America, we are prepared to help your business find the right enclosure for your tablets and your intended use. Contact us today to learn more about how tablets can help your business succeed.